BEST Bath Safety Tips for Kids #BathSafetyMonth

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Kids love bathtime and it’s a great first step to exploring water. That being said, it’s important to keep safety first when it comes to bath time. Goldfish Swim School, our favorite place for swim lessons has put together this list of Best Bath Safety Tips during Bath Safety Month. Share with a new mom!

BEST Bath Safety Tips for Kids

#1 – Supervision👀

Never leave your baby or young child alone in the bath, kids can drown in as little as 2″ of water! They tumble over so easily, don’t leave their side. Bath seats and bath rings are AIDS but not an excuse to leave their side. Don’t forget to drain the tub after every bath, kids like to wander and a filled tub is too tempting!

#2 – Don’t Overfill the Tub 🛁

Besides wasting water and getting the floor soaked, it’s not a good idea to overfill the tub, especially for toddlers that are just learning to sit! Just fill the tub to belly button level so they won’t be completely submerged if they take a quick tumble while you grab their slippery little body!  They will slip, so getting them back upright quick is important.

#3 – Use Anti-Slip Grips & Safety Gadgets ✋

A colorful rubber non-slip grip adhesive adds safety and fun to your tub. A non-permanent grab bar helps your little one learn to get in and out of the tub on their own too, safely.  Cover the water faucet with a cushion to avoid a nasty bump or scratch. Keep the toilet lid closed with a lock, remember, a child can drown in 2″ of water! Toddlers who tries to play in the water can lose balance and fall in.

#4 – Don’t Shy Away from Splashing – Explore the Water💦

Bathtime should be fun. It’s a great way to get your child comfortable in the water and even get a little on their face while splashing. Gently pour water down the back of your infant’s head while in the tub or take them in the shower with you to get used to the idea of water in their face.

#5 – Practice Submerging in a Controlled Environment 🌊

Helping your baby feel comfortable while submerged in the water can help immensely to prepare them for swim lessons which can reduce the risk of childhood drownings by 88%. You’ll do this at Goldfish Swim School during lessons if you want to get comfortable by doing it there first. At home, you can hold your baby on your chest while you slowly pour water over their backs and legs with a cup, and as they get used to the sensation, you can flip them onto their back as you support their head, neck and lower back so they get used to having their head and ears under water.

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