Best Diaper Rash Treatment – PINXAV Review

As a new mom 7 years ago, I tried every diaper rash product. When my son’s diaper rash got to the point of pain, I took him to the pediatrician. She recommended PINXAV, an over-the-counter diaper rash product found behind the pharmacy counter. My son’s diaper rash was better overnight while the other products didn’t do a thing! That is why I always give PINXAV as gifts to new moms and keep a tube of it at home now for other uses. It is the best diaper rash treatment available without a prescription.

picture of Best Diaper Rash Treatment
Best Diaper Rash Treatment

Why is PINXAV the Best Diaper Rash Treatment?

Yes, I am claiming that PINXAV is the Best Diaper Rash Treatment because I have used it for years and it has worked when other brands have not. So, why is it the Best Diaper Rash Treatment?

PINXAV contains more of the active ingredients than other brands.  The key ingredient is zinc oxide, an impressive 30%. What this means is that this diaper rash treatment not only creates the barrier against moisture that will make the rash worse, but the proprietary combination of ingredients actually go further to stop the pain and start healing the skin.

PINXAV ingredients:

  • Zinc Oxide – barrier
  • Aloe – mild anesthetic for pain, itching, swelling
  • Vitamin E – antioxidant properties promotes healthy skin
  • Eucalyptol – promotes healthy tissue
  • Oil of Clove – intense oil that is antiseptic
  • Menthol – local anesthetic and counter-irritant
  • Petrolatum – softens skin
  • Lanolin – waterproofing to keep moisture out
  • Stearic Acid – softener
  • Cetyl alcohol – emulsifying wax
  • Aluminum Hydroxide – supportive role to help PINXAV work effectively
  • Methyl Salicylate – local anesthetic agent and disinfectant

picture of PINXAV Best Diaper Rash Treatment
How to Prevent Diaper Rashes

I slathered on the thick pink stuff on my baby’s bottoms any time they had the start of a diaper rash and it always cleared up right away. Using this product to cure a problem is great but it can also be used to prevent diaper rashes and the pain associated with it for your little one.

I would always put a little PINXAV on my babies at bedtime when the chance of exposure to moisture is higher than the day time and that was usually enough to prevent diaper rashes. I always bought the larger jar and it would last for a long time.

picture of Tub of PINXAV Best Diaper Rash Treatment

PINXAV for First Aid Treatment

Beyond being the best diaper rash treatment, PINXAV is great to have on hand for many other first aid treatment uses.  It is great for treating bug bites, heat rashes, sunburns, poison ivy, first aid for scrapes and irritations and to manage chafing from athletic activity. Also good for adults with incontinence issues.

We have used it for the occasional rash my kids have had while they being potty trained and started to handle all of the bathroom duties. Sometimes, they didn’t get themselves dry enough and that led to a rash. One application at night cleared it up. We called it the magic cream – because it is like  magic. Plus, we’ve used PINXAV for mosquito bites too!

picture of PINXAV Best Diaper Rash Treatment
PINXAV Best Diaper Rash Treatment

Whether you are a new mom, shopping for a baby shower gift, or want a good first-aid ointment on hand, I highly recommend PINXAV. On top of all the benefits above, they celebrating their 85 year anniversary. Any product that has been on the market for 85 years and still does a good job should be applauded! Plus, PINXAV is a family-owned company located right in Cleveland, Ohio. Support our local economy and save your baby’s bottom at the same time!

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Where to Buy PINXAV

You can buy PINXAV behind the pharmacy counter locally at Giant Eagle, Heinen’s, Discount Drug Mart, Buehlers, and Acme Fresh markets. Or online at


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