Computer Games to Teach Phonics, Spelling, and Reading: ClickN KIDS Review

I was volunteering at my daughter’s preschool this week for computer help. The teacher mentioned how some kids didn’t even know how to use the mouse yet at 4 years old.  I must admit that I have not exposed my kids enough to electronics such as computer activities and video games.  We have them and my kids do engage with them but it is not at the top of their interests. After hearing the teacher’s comment, I realized that teaching kids how to use computers at a young age isn’t an option now-a-days, it is a requirement.

Finding computer activities for your kids that actually help them learn is even better. ClickN KIDS does a fantastic job entertaining and teaching kids how to read.

Computer Games to Teach Phonics, Spelling, and Reading: ClickN KIDS Review

We were just introduced to ClickN KIDS, a set of computer games that teach kids phonics, spelling, and reading. The programs were developed based on the National Reading Panel research. The research brought about the best methods for teaching kids how to read.  We were able to review their 3 categories with my son, Elijah. You can try 1 lesson from each category for FREE.

Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics Review

Looney Tunes™ ClickN READ® Phonics is for kids ages 5-9 (kindergarten – 3rd grade). Your child will be entertained and learning with 100 interactive lessons in short 15- 30 minute sessions.  My son has been working hard at school with an excellent 1st grade teacher and fantastic reading teacher with this reading.  He started the year off a little behind where he should have been. We have been working with him at home too, trying to find the best way to keep his attention while giving him opportunities to practice and learn. Thankfully, all the hard work has paid off as he is back on track with the rest of his classmates. Programs like the Looney Tunes ClickN READ have helped.

Below, my son is ready for his first lesson with Looney Tunes ClickN READ. He has his goldfish crackers for a snack and began watching the Looney Tunes episode.

picture of Getting ready for the Looney Tunes Phonics "show"
Getting ready for the Looney Tunes Phonics "show"

What I love about this program is how the Looney Tunes show interacts with the learning segments. Bugs Bunny, Twetty, Taz, Daffy Duck take turns going from the video clip right into the same “room” as the ClickN READ Robot Teacher Professor Wizbot. The transitions are right on. After a couple minutes of Looney Tunes fun, the program gives your child a chance to work on phonics. Each session gives your child 6-14 activities.

picture og Looney Tunes Phonics Letters
Looney Tunes™ ClickN READ® Phonics Letters

Each learning session words on just a small # of letters and sounds. My son worked on C, D, N, O for his first session. Kids learn the sounds of each letter, how to find the letters on the keyboard, and how to hear and find those sounds at the beginning and ending of words. After several Looney Tunes breaks, your child will end the lesson with a Speed Zone where they match letters, sounds, and words as fast as possible.

Your child’s results will be recorded during each session. You will receive a report under your parent setting so you can see the progress your child is making and what they need more assistance with.

Video of Child Using Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics

My son really enjoys the balance of Looney Tunes shows with the learning. I highly recommend this for kids in Kindergarten – 3rd grade. Visit or for more information and to start your monthly subscription for just $9.95 per month.

ClickN SPELL Review

For kids in preschool through 5th grade (ages 4-11), spelling is a huge building block to success. The ClickN SPELL program is a fun program that teaches in the popular method of Copy, Cover, and Compare. Kids see a word on the screen, are asked to type that word while looking at it, then type the word with the word not in front of them. This program teaches kids 800 of the most commonly used words in the English language through 100 lessons.

picture of ClickNSpell

Although there are no cartoon breaks like the Looney Tunes version, the Cosmo Cat space teacher engages and entertains kids throughout the lessons as he speeds through space on his rocket, landing in different “learning” rooms.  The lessons are short, from 20 -40 minutes long, giving them time to learn without getting overwhelmed.

At the end, they zoom over to the practice station where they get to type the words they learned from memory as Cosmo Cat verbally says the word and puts the word into a sentence. I was really surprised at how many words my son remembered!

After each lesson, you will receive a report on your child’s results. You can then repeat lessons or go on to the next.

Video of Child Using ClickN SPELL

My son liked this program too, because of the robot and space theme. This is a more focused program, yet still entertaining. You can learn more about the program and buy it at or for $49.95.

ClickN READ Phonics Review

ClickN READ Phonics is for kids kindergarten – 3rd grade. This program includes 100 online, cartoon-animated lessons. The lessons are broken down into 15-30 minute segments with 6-14 activities each. This program can be used at home or at school, allowing kids to learn on their own, without help from an adult.  Don’t worry, you can still keep up on how your child is doing with the comprehensive reports sent directly to you after each activity.  This is an online program that can be accessed anywhere your child is!

picture of ClickN READ

For more information on ClickN READ Phonics or buy it at or for $59.85.

Final Thoughts on ClickN KIDS

The ClickN KIDS programs allow kids to learn while being entertained. I know that since the introduction of ClickN KIDS in my household, computer time has increased too. Giving kids the building blocks of reading, spelling, and computer time is all wrapped up into these fun, interactive computer activities. Don’t forget that you can try 1 lesson from each category for FREE.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to ClickN KIDS who supplied the products for review.

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