How to Establish a #GoodBedtime Oral Care Routine for Your Kids

My kids are ages 8 and 10. One thing that hasn’t changed much since they were toddlers is our bedtime routine. It is one of the best things we’ve done for our family. With a set bedtime routine, there are no surprises for toddler meltdown or even for big kids. Since my kids are older, the time has changed and is more flexible but we still follow a bedtime routine. Check out our routine and change it to make it fit for your family.

Our #GoodBedtime Routine

  • Bath time – Everyone is more relaxed and sleeps better after a warm shower or bath.
  • Snack time – Healthy snack of fruits and vegetables normally with some protein like a a cup of milk (good for Type 1 Diabetics). Occasionally we do have a sweet dessert treat as well.
  • Oral Care – Brush, Floss, and Rinse
  • Story time – My kids still enjoy reading together – it is something we have done since they were babies.
  • Prayers
  • Goodnight kisses and hugs

Our #GoodBedtime Oral Care Routine

Today, I want to talk to you a little about our nightly oral care routine. Establishing good oral care habits early is essential for kids. Following by example is also a great way to show our kids how important it is. Establishing a good routine is easy when your kids know what to expect every night – so do your best to stick with the routine early on until it becomes a habit. This is our routine.

  • Floss at bedtime every night
  • Brush for 2 minutes – no exceptions
  • Rinse with a mouth rinse – fluoride is best for my family since we have well water

Tom's of MaineI received product and a promotional item to facilitate this post.

Establish a #GoodBedtime Oral Care Routine for Your Kids during National Children’s Dental Health Month

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health month? It’s a great time to evaluate your child’s nightly oral care routine.  Tom’s of Maine has teamed up with Oral Health America (OHA) to share tips to help your family.

Part of establishing any good habits with your kids is to make it fun.  Tom’s of Maine is inviting you to get your creative artistic abilities to work by coloring their free downloadable “Brushing Fun” coloring book.10985101_10152769836259372_6993810845740761963_nFor each book that is downloaded in February, 10 tubes of Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool! natural toothpaste will be donated to Oral Health America for their Smiles Across America program. They are also donating $50,000! It might be just what your kids need to jump start this new oral care routine in your home. When kids know they are helping others, they do their best!

smilesacrossamerica_heroimage21The free “Brushing Fun” coloring book has fun activities for all ages like connect the dots, mazes, find-it games, crossword puzzles, and pictures to color on every sheet. This could be a fun activity to add to your child’s nightly oral care routine this month. Kids are use to every month having a theme at school, so it is very natural for them to hear from parents that it’s National Children’s Dental Health month at home.

My kids had fun completing the coloring and activity pages this month. My daughter loved all the puzzles and coloring the pictures, she’ completed almost every page!Brushing FunI wasn’t sure how my 10 year old would react to coloring sheets but he really got into it! Sometimes I think we expect our kiddos to be too grown up and don’t give them opportunities to be kids.toms of maine brush happyYou can share your kids’ artwork via social media too using #NaturalSmiles and #GoodBedtime

My kids know that taking good care of their teeth is important, but this was a really good reminder. There are fun dental and oral care facts on each page. Consider these coloring pages as supporting data for showing the importance of a good oral care routine for your kids.

My kids liked knowing that by coloring the pages, they were helping other kids in need get toothpaste.  You can even personalize “Brushing Fun” with your child’s name and gender. Their name will appear in the text, which most kids think is cool! Did you notice above that my daughter’s page had a girl and my son’s had a boy?

fun-facts-toms-of-mainBTW, my kids really like the Wicked Cool! toothpaste – especially my son who has ‘outgrown’ kid toothpaste. Wicked Cool! is for kids 8+ as it includes a mild mint flavor.

Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool! ToothpasteDownload your free copy of “Brushing Fun” today to make a difference through the Smiles Across America program and in your own home. I really like it when companies that I trust reach out to help great programs across our country. I like it even more when they let consumers like us help in this effort.

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Also part of good oral health is regular checkups at your dentist. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in the Cuyahoga Falls/Akron, Ohio area, consider Dr. Adam Pollock. It is where we go and have excellent care every visit. Read more about Dr. Adam Pollock Pediatric Dentistry.

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