Hot Christmas Toy 2011 EzyRoller Riding Machine

Why does my kiddo love EzyRoller?

When I first saw EzyRoller on their website, the first thing that came to my mind was how fun my seven-year old son would have with this thing; and how other kids would be thrilled to have EzyRoller as their Christmas gifts.

EzyRoller Box

What is EzyRoller Riding Machine?

Ezyroller is a very versatile, non-electronic fun riding toy which can be used both indoor and outdoor.

EzyRoller is easy to assemble

Summer has gone, but having fun must go on.    If you live in an area with mild winter, EzyRoller can be used outdoor throughout the year. But even to those who live in areas with snow can still use this riding toy indoors.

Assembled EzyRoller Riding Machine

My son rode the EzyRoller both indoors and outdoors. The wheels glide smoothly on our concrete driveway and they also move nicely on our hardwood floor in the hallway and laminated flooring in the basement.  The wheels can move on carpets, but need some extra efforts to slide. But, this evening I watched my kiddo riding the EzyRoller through a layer of dry leaves, it did move pretty smoothly.  He thought it was the most fun thing.  He just kept doing it over and over again.

Happy Kid on EzyRoller Riding Machine

My kiddo loves EzyRoller because it comes with a sleek brake that allows him to “skid” as  he turns.  When he talks about EzyRoller, he emphasizes a lot on the brake feature.  That shows how much the brake feature means to him. Kiddo Loves EzyRoller 

It only took him a few minutes to get familiarized with how to move (and speed) with EzyRoller.  He uses his feet to move the EzyRoller coupled with the help of his hands to maneuver his  directions and his right hand to brake. If you are a left-handed, it is not a biggie.  You will get used to it in no time.

With EzyRoller, my kiddo sits close to the ground, I feel safer with him riding in it.  However, I still make him wear a helmet as a safety precaution. Sometimes he moves a little too close to the edge our driveway that leads to a dip to our neighbor’s yard.   Yikes.

EzyRoller Riding Machine Video

What are the available EzyRoller sizes?

EzyRoller:   This size can hold up to 150 lbs weight.  This size is the most adaptable in my humble opinion.  It comes with their patented extendable design which allows kids from 4 to 14 years old to have fun in this fun riding toy.   It’s also available in six different colors : red, pink, blue, black, white and chrome.  We have this size at home in red.  I wasn’t surprised when I found out that EzyRoller has won many awards, e.g.  A Toy of the Year Award Winner by Creative Child Mag,  A Parent’s Choice Recommended Award Winner.  Totally recommended.

EzyRoller Education: Recommended for 3 years and up with weight limit up to 250 lbs.   This size has won multiple awards as well.  The material is  steel & plastics.  This size is not extendable.  They come either in a small size (3 to 6 years old) or medium size (7 to 10 years old).

EzyRoller Junior :  Kids aged 1 1/2 to 5 years old can have fun too with EzyRoller.   As I mentioned below,  EzyRoller is safer than the regular bikes or scooters for our little ones because it sits close to the ground. UK Parent Magazine awarded their Silver Award to EzyRoller Junior.

I let my kiddo ride in his EzyRoller all seasons with one condition, that he’s not allowed to ride it near moving or non-moving cars since  it sits close to the ground.  No drivers would be able to see it from their rear view mirrors.

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Buy EzyRollers

You can buy EzyRollers on the EzyRoller website and on for $99.

Enter to Win EzyRollers (Cl0sed)

One lucky reader can win one EzyRoller ($99 value).

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