Fun Ways You Can Get Your Child To Be More Active In Your Garden!

With more children than ever spending time inside on devices, it means they are not getting outdoors and getting some exercise. According to new research, only 10% of children are spending time outdoors after school. The garden is a great place to start when enticing your kids to be more active, and here are some fun ways that just might work.


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If you have enough space in the garden, it would be a fun idea to buy a skipping rope. You can teach your child how to do it, and they soon will be skipping on their own. Skipping is an excellent way to exercise your legs and arms and has been popular for decades. You can get a longer sized rope if more than one child wants to skip at once. As talked about here, there are also a lot of rhymes children can sing while playing too!

Install Gym Bars

A great way for your child to get active while having fun in the garden is to install some gym bars which can be used for gymnastics or cheerleading. It’s a great way for your child to be more active, and build up their strength in their arms and legs. There are some plastic ones available if you don’t want to purchase a metal one.


A traditional favorite with children which is still entertaining kids today is Hopscotch. It’s a great way of getting your child to be more active in the garden. You can use chalk to create a design on your patio, and then watch them have fun for hours. Here’s some more information on how to play Hopscotch.



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A trampoline is a great way of entertaining your kid for hours in the garden. They will love jumping, and will be able to learn some new tricks. You can even get more than one child on it, and they will have fun whatever their age. You can see the best trampoline here, and they come in different sizes to suit your garden.

Paddling Pool

A paddling pool is a fab way to get your child to be more active in your garden. Especially if it’s a hot day, they will love cooling off with a paddling pool. Children love water, and it saves you having to head to the pool!

Football Goalposts

An excellent way to get your children off their device and to head outside is to buy some football goal posts. You can get inflatable ones if you prefer to remove them once they have finished playing. Get them in their team shirt, and then they can practice their footy skills.


A traditional favorite and perfect for your garden is a game of rounders. It’s where you split into teams, and then you have to get a ‘rounder’ which is where you hit the ball and complete a circuit. It’s a good way to entertain several children, and you can play to get fit too as 24,000 adults play it weekly!

Try and get your child to go outside as it will definitely make a difference to their health by having fun while getting active!

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