How do you grow a boy’s hair long for popular longer hair styles?

picture of growing boy's hair long

I’m totally new at this and seeking advice from moms with boys growing their hair long. I have always kept Elijah’s hair short and spiky in the Summer, and more of a little boy’s hair cut during Winter. Last year my son was in preschool and he wanted long hair. We grew out his traditional spiky hairstyle to the little boy’s cut but kept it short and tight around the ears and collar.

picture of Elijah's short hair style
Elijah's short hair style

Now that he is a big boy in kindergarten, he’s asked again. “Mom, I want to grow my hair long,” he asked. I wasn’t going to let him. My  husband said I should see what other boys are doing and maybe we should let him. Yea, about 1/2 the boys in his class have longer hair. We said he could grow it longer but with no expectation of how long or what style or anything.

So, we haven’t cut his hair for about 3 months or so. It’s getting pretty long and thin at the edges. My question is, “Do we trim his hair?” or let it keep growing? I feel like the edges need to be cleaned up but am sort of afraid that it might look dorky if it’s cut straight across.

picture of growing boy's hair long
growing boy's hair long
picture of growing boy's hair long
growing boy's hair long
growing boy's hair long
pictur of growing boy's hair long

He has a long way to go to have even remotely “long” hair. I feel like the top layers need to catch up with the bottom layers but I’m not sure if this is correct thinking.

So, what should I do? Let my son’s hair keep growing? Trim the edges?

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6 thoughts on “How do you grow a boy’s hair long for popular longer hair styles?

  1. Brianne K says:

    Whatever you do decide to do, please keep us updated. My son is growing his hair out too and it looks much like your sons. To me, my sons hair looks uneven and unkept. But I am letting him do what he wants. It’s only hair, right? lol

  2. Lori A. says:

    Great question! I’d like to know the answer, too. My son likes his hair longer but it looks so shaggy to me. He also has a double cowlick in the back that makes it harder. When we let it grow it gets to a point where it just looks bad to me…

  3. Cindy says:

    I know, Grandpa but we gotta let him be a “big boy” sometimes. He’s been wanting to do this since last year in preschool. He likes that we are letting him have a little control over something important to him. 🙂

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