How to Upgrade Your Family Movie Night

How does your family movie night look? Everyone sitting around watching a movie together? Maybe you throw in some popcorn? To be honest, that is what we’ve done most of the time. We make popcorn and snuggle on the couches with warm blankets. We all look forward to this time together, especially when we are watching a new movie that we’ve never seen before!

How to Upgrade Your Family Movie Night

I was given the challenge to upgrade our family movie night with fun games, activities, and recipes with the DVD release of How to Train Your Dragon 2.  I did a little homework on fun party ideas and created a How to Train Your Dragon Pinterest Board. I really get into creating themed parties and playdates for my kids but have never added anything like this to our family movie nights.

Decide a theme you’d like to go with for your party based on the movie you will be watching.

We decided to go with the archery theme since we were watching How To Train Your Dragon and because both my kids have Nerf crossbows and love target practice. We cut up a large cardboard box to make our target. You can create amazing props and games out of simple cardboard – save your packages from now on!


I received product to facilitate this post.

My kids had their own ideas on how to create the target – colors, points, and all. I was pleased to see them working together – for the most part! 🙂howtotrainyourdragon2-games

They had so much fun with their archery competition and earning points on their own target! My son added an evil viking in the middle since we heard there were bad vikings in the movie. Elizabeth also made a shield.howtotrainyourdragongames

I couldn’t believe how much fun my kids had creating the target and playing with it. They really got into it and got excited about playing the characters in the movie!

The archery competition just got the party started. Next, they wanted to have their own battles with barriers and all.howtotrainyourdragon2

I have found that if you give your kids a little direction, their creativity will flourish into even more fun, free-play time! Think up a game or activity based on the movie you’ll be watching, it doesn’t have to be complicated or require expensive props.

Afterwards, we played some How to Train Your Dragon 2 Downloads. We had a boys vs girls word search contest. Sadly for us girls, the boys found the words faster!  A little competition is fun for all ages. Usually movie websites have games and activities that can be printed or played online. This is a free resource and easy was to upgrade your family movie night experience.howtotrainyourdragonwordsearch

Family movie night must include yummy snacks too. We had a variety of snacks, including popcorn! You can find a ton of recipes online with various themes too. You might want to even prepare dinner based on the region the movie takes place. This is a good time to introduce an ethnic food your family hasn’t tried too! Be creative with food and have your kids help you make it!

Using festive How to Train Your Dragon 2 plates and cups made it more fun too! You don’t need to get a whole party set but if you do have extras, save them for their lunch boxes. My kids always like it when I surprise them with special napkins or favors in their lunch boxes.howtotrainyourdragonsnacktime

I was so amazed at how a few little upgrades made our family movie night an event, not just a movie night. Not only that, the activities beforehand made my kids even more excited to see the movie! I hope you’ll try one or two of my ideas to upgrade your next family movie night!

Check out my Instagram feed to see my favorite scenes from the movie. It was a fantastic movie for both kids and adults. It had a lot of surprises in it that took us by, well, surprise!

Buy your copy of How to Train Your Dragon 2, it makes a great Christmas gift!

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