Indonesian woman gives birth to 19 pound baby


An Indonesian woman gave birth on Monday to a 19.2-pound baby boy, the heaviest newborn ever recorded in the country.  This is her 4th baby, all others were delivered by a midwife. When complications with her diabetes alarmed her, she went to the hospital. Thankfully for them all, she was able to deliver this healthy baby via c-section.

The baby boy is pictured here next to a baby of average size at a hospital in Medan, North Sumatra.

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I thought my 9lb 6oz boy was big! I can’t imagine going straight to size 12 months clothes for a newborn. Do you think the size of the baby takes away from the newborn experience for both the family and baby?

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3 thoughts on “Indonesian woman gives birth to 19 pound baby

  1. Gale says:

    Wow! And I thought my boys were big! Mine ranged from 9lb 1 oz to 10 lb 3, and a friend of mine always said I birthed a todder…but she really did birth a todder!

  2. Michelle says:

    I can’t imagine having a newborn that big! He’s only about 5 pounds smaller than my daughter who is 21 months! I really think the mom would miss out on the newborn part of him a little bit. It just won’t be the same.

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