Interview with Supernanny Jo Frost

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I had the complete honor of interviewing the one and only Supernanny Jo Frost!  To be honest, I was star struck! 🙂 To have the privilege to ask the guru of child-raising questions was just amazing. I passed the opportunity on to facebook fans a few weeks back by asking what you would ask. I did ask some of your questions. Check out the video below to see if I asked your question!

Interview with Supernanny Jo Frost Video

Interview with Supernanny Jo Frost

You may have noticed that I started the interview off talking about Asthma and EIB (exercise-induced bronchospasm). This is because Supernanny Jo Frost is on a mission to remind people about the signs and symptoms of asthma and EIB, and share her experience with managing and treating these conditions. Did you know that nearly 25 million Americans, or 8% of the US population, have asthma?  80-90% of those with asthma also have exercise-induced bronchospasm, or E-I-B.  With stats like these, it is vital to understand the signs and how to manage the condition.

Supernanny talks about how to live with Asthma and EIB

Not only is Supernanny Jo Frost an expert on child-raising but she also knows a lot about asthma and EIB. She was diagnosed with both at just 5 years old. She is a testament on living an active life with asthma and EIB. In this interview, Supernanny talks about how she has led a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle despite asthma and EIB.

Supernanny talks about how to keep siblings from fighting

Supernanny had rather eye opening advice when I asked her how to keep siblings from fighting. She was so right when she said that no parent can tell her that her kids never fight or they would be lying to her! No lying here! My kids fight and it drives me crazy.  I really never considered that it was part of their childhood development.

Supernanny talks about how to help kids feel safe

I also asked Supernanny Jo a question that is a big issue with my son right now. A couple weeks ago, my son came screaming into my office in the middle of the day. His face was bright red, his entire body was shaking, and he was scared to death! He said someone was in his room. I immediately called outside for my husband’s help. He didn’t hear me because he was using the power trimmer. Where was Elizabeth?! She was just playing with Elijah! My mind raced to scary places that ever mom fears! I yelled for my daughter to see where she was, luckily she was downstairs.

I practically dragged Elijah downstairs, grabbed my daughter under my other arm and ran outside. Yes, we do have extra strength when we fear for our kids’ lives! I ran, bare-foot on our gravel drive way carrying both my kids! When I reached my husband, he ran inside. The police came, nobody was there. Upon further discussion,  Elijah said he thought he heard a growling sound at the same time both his closet and bedroom doors slammed. The doors slammed shut as they always do with the breeze coming from outside. The growling sound ended up being my  husband trying to start up the power trimmer right underneath my son’s window.

In the end, all was well. However, for the past 2 weeks, my son has been afraid to go anywhere alone in the house. For the first time ever, he has been afraid to go in the bathroom, bedroom, downstairs, etc alone. We’ve tried everything, expect for the Magic Dance that Supernanny suggested! We were ready to try anything! Supernanny Jo suggested that we do all the practical things to help him feel secure and safe that we have already been doing (see video for details). Something we never thought of was to do a magic dance around the room and explain to Elijah that there are angles all around his room and the house protecting him. She also said to tell him that nobody is getting through his mama, and that’s the truth! The first night that I did the dance, he still woke up scared several times at night. The second time, he slept like a baby! Thanks, Supernanny!


Many thanks again to Supernanny for taking the time to talk with and for the great advice she gives us on her popular TV Show Supernanny. For even more Supernanny, visit the Supernanny Jo Frost website!

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