What is the Best Breastfeeding Cream for Sore Nipples

Lansinoh Lanolin Topical Treatment is a product I trust and have used while breastfeeding both of my children. It is the only product that LaLeche League International endorses for topical nipple treatment.  Being 100% pure, with no  preservatives or additives it does not need to be removed and is safe for your baby. The healing properties of this product go beyond breastfeeding.

Curing Sore Nipples caused by Breastfeeding

The first weeks of breastfeeding can be brutal for the nursing mom. Many stop due to pain and discomfort. Using this product after each breastfeeding session will make the experience much less painful as the product heals and protects the delicate nipple tissue. What comforted me was knowing that it was safe for my baby too. The product doesn’t need to be removed before nursing.

Additional Uses

The healing properties of this product are beneficial for many, many additional uses. It “soothes, heals & protects dry, cracked skin” of all types.

Diaper Rash Ointment:

Lansinoh Lanolin has been a cure many times for hard-to-treat diaper rashes for my babies. As long as it is not a yeast infection or such, it should clear up within a day. It is sticky, thick, and very concentrated so it is a bit hard to spread on but worth it. Watch that you don’t get it on your clothes, it will leave a yellow stain.

Cracked Lips:

Dab a little on your lips before bedtime for smooth, soft lips in the morning. The taste and texture isn’t great but it works wonders. If your kid licks his lips and has sore skin around the mouth, put a little on before bedtime. My 3 year old has the nasty habit of licking his lips and had very sore skin around his mouth, vaseline doesn’t do a thing – Lanolin cured it overnight.

Rough, Cracked Feet:

Pamper your feet by applying a thin layer at night time, pull on some old socks and by morning, you will have noticablly smoother feet.

Minor Cuts, burns, and skin abrasion:

The healing properties go to work on all types of minor “boo-boos”


When lotion just isn’t enough, try a little Lansinoh Lanolin on dry, itchy skin on hands, elbows, and knees. Although I moisturize my hands constantly, I also use Purell about as much. The alchol sometimes dries my hands to the point where my lotion just isn’t enough for my hurting, red hands. A little of this product heals it quickly.

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1 thoughts on “What is the Best Breastfeeding Cream for Sore Nipples

  1. Michelle says:

    I tried a few different types of creams while I was nursing my baby. This was by far the BEST kind to use and would recommend it to every nursing mom I know.

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