How Parents Can Help with Bullying

There are many ways you, as a parent, can help with bullying. Whether your child is the victim of bullying or you’re interested in helping other children overcome bullying, I’ve compiled a list of ways in which parents can help with bullying.

Teach Empathy

One of the most difficult things we will try to teach our children is to be empathetic and caring to others. An empathetic child will be less likely to bully others and might also find the desire to look out for other children who are being bullied. A child who is kind, compassionate and sympathetic towards others will be more likely to bring an outsider in, make them feel included and part of a group which can do wonders for a victim of bullying. Teach your child to look out for others and discuss why that’s an important thing to do. Talk about feelings and ask questions like, “how would you feel if you were in that situation?” Make sure your child knows what to do if he or she is witness to an act of bullying. They can follow these steps: 1. Seek out a teacher, counselor or principal and let them know of the situation immediately, and 2. Be nice to the bullied child, encourage them to come play, share something with them, talk to them, etc.

Seek Help

Sometimes parents have to step into a situation, but you should know the right way in which to do so. If you have reason to believe your own child is a victim of bullying seek out teachers and school counselors and ask them to keep an eye out; they’re around your child nearly 8 hours a day, so they’ll be able to figure out what’s going on if they’re looking. They’ll also be able to deliver the appropriate consequences to the schoolyard bully. If your child is being bullied and refuses to talk to you about the happenings, seek help by way of counselor or therapist. Give your child a safe place and confidant. A therapist or counselor will also have some great wisdom and advice pertaining to ways in which your child can handle bullying situations in the future.

Start a Group

The saying, “there’s power in numbers” is definitely true when it comes to bullying. A bully is less likely to single out one child in a tight group of friends playing together than a child playing alone. Additionally there are groups in schools and communities wherein bullied children can get together, talk about their experiences and build their confidence. If a group like this does not exist in your community consider developing one. This will give bullied children a way to make friends, find others who have had similar experiences, learn techniques for properly handling bullies and more.

Build Them Up

If your child is a victim of bullying their self-esteem might be crumbling. Put yourself in their shoes; how would it feel to be picked on everyday?, to be made fun of?, to be hurt?. You would probably start to feel like you can’t do anything right and you’re worthless, which is absolutely not right or true. Another way in which parents can help with bullying is to build their children up whenever possible. Figure out which activities your child excels at and enjoys and encourage your child to participate in those activities. Build their self-esteem whenever you have the opportunity and let them know just how incredible you know they are and just how much you love them.

Handling bullying is difficult, but there are lots of ways you can help!

Happy parenting.

Daddy Nickell

Robert Nickell (known as Daddy Nickell), owner of DaddyScrubs, provides valuable and unique advice for parents, and especially dads, on how to give your child the self-confidence, skills and power to stand up (and proudly walk away) from bullying. A father of three, Daddy Nickell developed DaddyScrubs to provide products and support to dads throughout all stages of fatherhood, including strong, empowering advice that helps dads all over the world develops capable, self-confident and successful kids. For more information on DaddyScrubs and Daddy Nickell, please visit

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