The Principle Gang Helping Bully Prevention

This month issues with being bullied/being a bully have come up in our household. It is very hard parenting and trying to find the best way to reach you child with issues that can be difficult to explain. This subject is hard for me because as a victim of child abuse, I let everyone bully me for a long time. I don’t ever want my kids to let that happen or to be bullies themselves. How do I do it?

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Talking to Your Kids about Bullying

I have found that I can talk to my kids until I am blue in the face, it just doesn’t always feel like I am getting though. What I have  found is that reading them books on difficult subjects opens them up to talk to me with out me forcing anything. So finding out about a new book series, called The Principle Gang Series, gave me the perfect opportunity to let Kelton open up to me about problems at school.

Reading together

Why Is It Important?

There are some very scary statistics about bullying out there.  Did you know 30% of students we reported being bullied have said they brought weapons to school!? Everyday children stay home from school just to avoid being bullied.  2 out of 3 student who start out as targets become bullies themselves.  Do the above statements shake you? They scare me! I worry my children could become a part of this. So I will do everything I can to help protect and guide them.Don't judge a lizard

Don’t Judge a Lizard By His Scales, Making the Principle Gang

The 1st book in the series is Don’t Judge a Lizard by His Scales. I really love this book. It is all about Danny the wizard lizard and a fly(Bly) trying to be friends but the fly’s mom is worried the lizard will eat her daughter.  He instead shows that he can be a good friend and a protector from bullies. While Bli the Fly’s mom realizes just because he’s a lizard doesn’t mean he will hurt Bli and teaches Bli she 1st lesson in giving 2nd chances thus creating the Principle Gang. The writing is a little confusing at some points, and felt like maybe we were missing some back story, but it was a great starting point for open discussion.

ride ths subway

Wizard Lizard Rides The Subway, Building the Principle Gang

In book two,  Danny and Bli are invited to the big apple to share their Anti-bulling ideas. They work on 3 main ideas,  don’t be mean, tell your teacher and be a friend. While I am pretty sure Kelton isn’t being mean, I do know that he isn’t keeping open communication with his teacher so this was nice to use to help he feel more comfortable in opening up to her.  Danny and Bli’s campaign is a great success when they sign up many new members in the Principle Gang.


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