School Bus Safety Rules for Kids

Riding on a school bus is the safest way for your child to travel to and from school according to the Traffic Safety Toolkit.  That being said, teaching our children the proper way to get on and off a bus is crucial.  As a Chuggington Conductor, I am kept up to date on everything transportation and safety related. It is always good to be reminded of School Bus Safety Rules for Kids.

School Bus Safety Rules for Kids

  • Children should wait five giant steps away from the road when waiting for the school bus
  • Once on the school bus, children should go directly to their seat and sit down facing forward
  • Children should remain in their seat facing forward when the school bus is moving
  • Children should look out for cars before getting off the school bus, and always wait for the driver to signal it is safe to cross

Check out other safety reminders and tips with your child on the Chuggington website.

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