What to do with your kid’s baby teeth

My 6 year old son recently lost his first 2 teeth. At first, I had to learn what the tooth fairy leaves for baby teeth. The next question is what to do with your kids baby teeth. Here are some ideas from StemSave

  1. Bury your baby’s teeth in a time capsule in the backyard. I’m not sure how you do this without your kids noticing because after all, shouldn’t the tooth fairy have the baby teeth? Anyway, it is a neat idea so that when your kids grow up, they can remember their childhood milestone. Add other keepsakes, like a favorite t-shirt, toys, books, their artwork, and pictures.
  2. Add them to the baby photo album. I like this idea, add it to the first lock of hair you saved. You do remember where you put that, don’t you? LOL
  3. Preserve baby teeth with a private bank. This is a new idea for me! Doctors and scientists can save the valuable stem cells from the tooth’s pulp. This is a 2nd chance for parents who didn’t save their baby’s cord blood.

StemSave is the stem cell company that works with families, doctors and dentists to educate them about the opportunity of recovering stem cells from teeth.

For now, they are in a zip lock bag in my dresser drawer. I think that I will look into the StemSave to see the pricing and what is involved.

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3 thoughts on “What to do with your kid’s baby teeth

  1. Ana Maria says:

    My mom, made a pendant with one mine and my brother’s, they are so small that is not gross. My son is only four so he has all of his in his mouth, but I think I’ll do the same…

  2. Amy Campbell says:

    This post brought back memories for me! My mother died when I was 23. While going through her belongings, I found a small envelope tucked in the back of her jewelry box. Opened it up, and to my surprise, there were ALL of the teeth both my brother and I had lost. While it was sort of disgusting, it was very emotional for me to think she saved those pieces of us all those years..!

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