You’re Going to be an Aunt and Uncle China!

You may have read late last night that the Chinese Government has abolished the 1-child only law set up in 1979 to curb the number of people taxing its limited resources.  This rule did not necessarily apply to those living a rural life.

I do not doubt that it had an effect on making their world more livable, but it did have other effects that are not spoken of too much – one being the elimination of the extended family.

No Aunts and Uncles

If you were born in China over the past decade or two, you grew up with no aunts, no uncles, no cousins.  You had grandparents yes, two sets, but that was all.  Family parties would be small, and blood relationships would be few and far between.

If you consider your own growing up years and those of your children – and what birthday parties and holidays usually mean, there’s no doubt that traditions would fade, and loneliness and solemn occasions would be the norm.

Your in-laws would be some of your closest relatives!

Now Two Children for the Chinese

Last night, the limit was raised to TWO children for all Chinese couples.

Some articles say that the City dwelling Chinese are no longer interested in families.  As a Mom, I would believe that that idea may change with the ‘allowance’ of 2 children!  I am joyful just thinking about what it would mean for me!!

I assume that, tonight in China people are likely getting busy!  The week of July 25th 2016 is going to be a BIG BIRTHDAY on the other side of the planet.  Millions of people are going to get to experience the miracle of childbirth a second time, and countless boys and girls will greet a baby brother or sister into the world.

This strikes me as a wonderful, beautiful thing.

That will be a joyful week for the Chinese.

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