Dad’s Bible The Father’s Plan Fathers Day Gift Review

picture of Dads Bible The Fathers Plan with notes by Robert Wolgemuth

When I had the opportunity to review the Dad’s Bible The Fathers Plan with notes by Robert Wolgemuth, I jumped at the chance. With Father’s Day around the corner, this is perfect for any father, soon-to-be father, and grandfather as a Father’s Day Gift.  This is a present that is going to encourage and uplift your dad for years to come. The Holy Bible gives dad tools to be the best dad possible and how to guide their kids faith. With the encouraging notes by Robert Wolgemuth, dads will learn from life lessons from the men in the Bible and how to accomplish their role as the family leader.

Dad’s Bible The Father’s Plan Bible Hands-On Review

New Century Version Bible

I gave this Bible to my husband to review. He was first taken by the version, New Century Version. This is a very readable translation of the Holy Bible.  Thomas Nelson, the version’s publisher has advertised it as “the easiest-to-understand translation“. The New Century Version allows the reader to relax and easily read and understand the Bible in a clear and accurate way. This is a very natural translation for American English. I personally have several Bibles. I enjoy my New Century Version most as I can easily read and understand the text. For more deep Bible Study, I turn to the New International Version (NIV) or the King James Version (KJV). The Dads Bible The Father’s Plan Bible would be an excellent Bible alone, as a devotional Bible, or as an accompaniment to any Bible collection. This is a great Bible for both new and lifelong Bible readers.

Great Gift Bible

The Dad’s Bible The Father’s Plan is a nice hard bond Bible, also available in a leather edition.  What makes this Bible unique in appearance is that the edges of the Bible pages look beautifully aged. It has a family Bible feel to it with worn looking edges on the cover. The cover is a beautiful olive green with raised title box. It is manly in style. The hard cover seems well made and sturdy.It is a standard size of 8.3 x 5.7 x 1.4 inches. It is well laid out with great study aids, introductions to each new book of the Bible, and notes from Robert Wolgemuth. The font is a nice size to read easily.  This is a great gift Bible.

Robert Wolgemuth Insights

When reading the Bible, it is sometimes helpful to get another person’s insight on what the story is saying for today’s terms. Jesus did this with parables, teaching people amazing lessons in simple terms and events of the day. Robert Wolgemuth is not only a dad to 2 and a grandfather to 5 but a best-selling author selling more than 1 million copies. His website best describes  Robert Wolgemuth for being ” known as a champion for biblical truth, a biblical worldview, the family, effective communication, leadership, listening skills, relationship building, and traditional values”. As I flipped through the Dad’s Bible The Father’s Plan, I enjoyed reading many Insights scattered throughout the Bible. In Exodus, one insight talks about tasks that Dads are required to tackle that they may not feel qualified for and cannot do alone. Raising kids is one of those tasks. He relates how God gave Mosses a helper in Aaron, He can also help Dad in parenting. Many of Robert Wolegemuth’s insights play on men’s interest such as sports and brings the stories in the Bible into real life situations of 2010.

Questions and Answers

We loved the Questions and Answers section at the end of the Dad’s Bible The Father’s Plan. It is filled with the common questions on people’s minds and great, Bible based answers to those questions. From his answers, you can do even more research with the Bible references listed. Some questions that you can get answered include:

  • Why do good people suffer?
  • What is Heaven like?
  • Why do bad people seem to get away with things?
  • Do I have a guardian angel?
  • Is Santa Claus real?
  • Can Scientist prove that creation isn’t true?
  • Where’s Noah’s Ark now?
  • How did we get the Bible if it was written so long ago?
  • Are witches real?
  • Why could men in the Old Testament have more than one wife?

Dads Bible The Fathers Plan Recommendation

I recommend this Bible. This is a well done edition of the Bible. It is made to encourage and direct dads in the direction of God. It gives practical advice on issues that dads and families face today. In today’s world, dads have a hard time gaining the respect they deserve from not only society but from their own families. The Dad’s Bible The Fathers Plan gives dads a solid foundation to which to build his family. With that comes respect that all men, especially dads desire and deserve.

Buy Dad’s Bible The Father’s Plan with notes by Robert Wolgemuth

This is an excellent Father’s Day gift, men’s birthday gift, new dad gift, new grandpa gift, or just because gift for your dad or grandfather. You can buy Dad’s Bible The Father’s Plan with notes by Robert Wolgemuth in many bookstores and online. Buy Dad’s Bible: The Father’s Planon by clicking below for only $19.79!

Moms, there is a Bible for you too, also in the New Century Version. Check out the NCV Mom’s Bible: God’s Wisdom for Mothers, a perfect companion to the Dad’s Bible.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Booksneeze and Thomas Nelson publisher who provided product for review.

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