Nine Ways God Always Speaks

Now, I haven’t read this book yet, but it does look interesting to me. 9 Ways God Always Speaks. Just released last week. It says on the back cover: “What if God is always trying to talk with us, but while we’re expecting a Morgan Freeman voiceover, he’s communicating through other people, circumstances, or seemingly random occurrences?”

I think God can talk to us this way. It’d be interesting to read examples and such in this book. Maybe I’d learn to listen better.

  • “Was the dream I had last night a message from God, or was it just the pizza I had for dinner?”
  • “Was that last e-mail from my boss God’s way of telling me to find a new job?”
  • “Was that billboard a sign from God, or was it just a sign?”

In Nine Ways God Always Speaks, Mark Herringshaw and Jennifer Schuchmann use compelling stories from the Bible, history, and ordinary people who have seen God work in their lives to show that God not only wants to communicate with us, but he can and does—often in unexpected and surprising ways.

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1 thoughts on “Nine Ways God Always Speaks

  1. Betty N says:

    My husband has preached on this topic of how God speaks to us. It looks like this book would raise the awareness of people as to who and what God uses to speak to us.

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