Could Your Home Be Cheaper To Run?

Most of us are keen to reduce the cost of running our homes. Let’s face it, nothing is getting any cheaper. But just how easy is it to keep cutting back as the costs go up? Some people go to great lengths to live more cheaply. They may move house or give up their cars. Of course, there are plenty of things you can do much closer to home without making such drastic changes.

Your mortgage or rent is probably the biggest expense you have each month. Many of us suffer increases in the rent or rates of the mortgage. It is usually possible to change mortgage companies. There may be a penalty to pay if you are leaving a fixed term rate that hasn’t yet expired. And you may also have to pay an administration fee to your new provider. Calculate the sums carefully if you plan a move. You could use a price comparison website to help you find some good deals.

Pippalou supplied the photo
Pippalou supplied the photo

Your energy bills may also hit you hard each quarter. Recent changes in the regulation of energy suppliers mean you may have more freedom to pick and choose a company that better suits you. Some energy suppliers are very forthcoming with tips for saving money. Palmco is one energy supplier that is using social media to help you reduce your costs. Customer service should be one of your priorities as well as the tariff you pick so look for a firm that provides both.


All of us should be making better use of our time in the kitchen. Batch cooking is one way to reduce the cost of meals and reduce the use of energy to prepare them. Simply double the ingredients to make double the quantity. It costs the same amount of energy and the same amount of time to cook this way. Pop the excess meals into portion pots and freeze them for later in the week.


When it’s cold outside you may be worried about the cost of heating your home. You can dramatically reduce the need for heating if you prevent the cold getting in. Use thermal backed curtains in combination with window film to reduce the loss of heat that way. Add more insulation to your loft. You can also have your exterior walls filled in some cases. Draft excluders are excellent ways to prevent that chilly feeling on a cold night too. Check around doors, windows, and along the floors for air movement.

Tat supplied the photo
Tat supplied the photo

Next time one of your light bulbs stops working, consider swapping it for an LED bulb. These use just a tiny fraction of the electricity that halogens or energy saver bulbs do. They don’t cost much more either, and many brands are promising up to fifteen years of use from one bulb. That adds up to a lot of savings!

Some of these ideas are very quick and easy to implement. Best of all, they don’t cost you much to get them working for you. How can your home be cheaper to run this year?

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