Save Money on Pet Medication and Wellness Products with VetIQ

Stop paying high prices for your pet medications and wellness products. Vet-grade generic pet medications are even available through VetIQ. I use generic products all the time for my family. I’m glad to know that there is a company with quality prescription and over-the counter products products for my dog that can help me save money. I was given several VetIQ VetGuard Plus flea and tick products to review for this post.

Save Money on Pet Medication and Wellness Products with VetIQ

VetIQ makes cost effective vet-grade cost-effective pet medications and OTC treatments for dogs and cats! VetIQ products are quality products you can trust, they partnered with top-rated animal health companies that have years of research and development baking them.  They comply with all FDA and EPA regulations too.

VetIQ offers vet grade cost-effective pet medications and wellness products such as:

  • VetGuard Plus (flea and tick control)
  • VetIQ Minties (dental treats)
  • VetIQ Hip & Joint Chews
  • VetIQ Vitamin Chews
  • VetIQ Skin & Coat
  • VetIQ Pill Treats (treat with built-in pill tube for hiding tablet)
  • VetIQ HeartShield Plus (Heartworm protection with Rx)
  • VetIQ TruProfen (NSAID pain med with Rx)

VetGuard Plus Vet-Grade Cost-Effective Flea and Tick Control

Believe it or not, fleas and ticks are already out even in this warm-then-cold-then-warm-then-cold Spring we have had so far! They only need several days of consecutive 60 degree weather and then they hatch. According to a Veterinary news sitethe tick population is going to explode in 2013, especially in Ohio. Since we didn’t have a severe cold winter of 10 degrees or less for many days, many ticks did not die out. We will have more ticks, more kinds of ticks, and in more places than ever.

I believe it. Tonight, my family played outside in our back yard and in the woods. When I came inside, I found a tick on my arm. My husband found one on his shirt. We found 3 ticks on our puppy, Roxy!

Vet-Grade Generic Pet Medications
Ohio Tick

It was time to get out the VetGuard Plus Flea and Tick Control!  VetGuard Plus is cost-effective flea and tick control for dogs of all sizes – from mall to extra large. Since Roxy is 47lbs, we selected the Large Dog size from 33-66lbs.

Vet-Grade Generic Pet Medications

Applying is easy, Roxy didn’t even know we were doing it. Simply twist the cap off and run the flea and tick control liquid down your dog’s back from between their shoulders to the base of their tail.

Vet-Grade Generic Pet Medications

This is a product that can quickly add up, but something you cannot let your dog go without. I like that VetIQ offers cost-effective products that will protect my dog this Summer.

VetIQ Pet Care Tracker App

The new VetIQ Pet Care Tracker App allows you to access all of your pet’s vaccination and medical history from any computer. You can even receive emails for current and upcoming applications needed.  With the VetIQ Pet Care Tracker App you can enter new information, manage, and print a vaccination history at any time. There will be a free mobile app coming soon so you can access this information on-the-go with your smart phone.
You can buy VetIQ products at stores nationwide including Walmart, Costco, Rite Aid, Sam’s Club, and Kroger.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to VetIQ who provided the products for review.

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