Cold Shower- Child Abuse in Toledo Government Mandated?

Yesterday our very own blogger Veronica wrote about how she was disciplined with hot sauce as a kid (and is now better for it).  Growing up outside of the States on the Equator, I suppose hot sauce discipline might be the norm.  I don’t know.  Weird.

Anyway, her story also highlighted and included video of a mom forcing her child to take a cold shower as a punishment.  I’ve never done that to my EGGO kids, but some days I think it would have helped!  Still, it was hard hearing the kid scream in the shower from the pain of the cold.. no fun.

Cold Shower Torture x 30

So today I saw on a story labeled:  Mercury spills at Ohio day care, 30 kids affected .  Apparently a preschool worker brought in an old mercury thermometer that got crushed and broken under a rocking chair.

[sws_red_box box_size=”530″] The Toledo Fire Department came out and COLD SHOWERED ALL 30 KIDS. [/sws_red_box]

What the heck is that about?  For a thermometer that was broken on the floor, with the same stuff I used to roll in my hand as a fifth grader, 30 kids get sent to the draconian cold torture chamber!?  I bet ABC News would like to get that video…not.  YES, I am very very aware that Mercury is extremely poisonous.  I get that.  But I doubt it needed that level of clean up.

Would you have asked that your kid skip the torture punishment-the same one that is putting another mom, possibly, in jail??

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