Do You Know How to Compare School Districts Near Akron, Ohio?

School Districts Near Akron, ohio

Isn’t it always “oh the schools in my city are very good’.  I’ve always found school district knowledge confusing, and a weighty walk reading through school report cards that, now a days, mostly look the same.

I decided to put together a map of local school districts near Akron, Ohio.  Below is a complete map of local school district lines as of this school year.

Making this map for my readers helped me to:

  • Understand which towns had combined districts
  • Get wise on which school districts disregarded city boundaries and overlapped into different areas
  • See how to live in one town but benefit from school districts of another.
  • Learn how big, or small, certain districts are.

Map of School Districts near Akron, Ohio.

The color coding on this map has nothing to do with anything!  It’s just there for visual clarity!!  County lines are not drawn on this map, as they may only cloud the overall view.  All of Summit County is below as well as parts of Geauga, Cuyahoga, Medina, Stark, and Wayne Counties.

Map of School Districts near Akron, OH

Resources for Picking Schools near Akron, Ohio

School District Funding

Depending on where you are moving from, you may find it interesting that Ohio funds a good portion of its schools on local property taxes.  Residents in each school district’s geographical area get to vote on tax levies for schools.  Sometimes votes are positive, sometimes they are negative, but they are controlled locally.

State, and National Monies also contribute to fiscal well being of school districts.  I found an excellent resource to compare and contrast school district demographics, funding, teacher count and much more at the National Center For Educational Statistics based on the 2010 census.

School Report Cards

Of course, what school district article would be complete without a link to the pile of school report cards- Don’t let your eyes get teary eyed or blurry! Ohio Department of Education Report Card Link

Street Level Map of School Districts for Summit County

streetlevelIf you would like a street by street breakdown as to how far each school district reaches across each neighborhood in Summit Count, check out this Summit County School Districts, Detailed Map.     This map may have amazing value for you if you are shopping for a school district- and could put you in a house in a great school district.

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