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Summer is almost here. I cannot wait to have my kids home! Carefree, fun days are ahead and we are all looking forward to it. Even though we will have plenty of fun in the sun, one thing that I won’t allow is brain drain. Did you know that kids lose 1-3 months of learning during the summer? Playing catch-up at the beginning of the next school year is a rude awakening that summer is over!

Instead of having summer break set them back from their learning, I plan to combat it with ifocus. ifocus offers fun learning opportunities, including video games that will allow your kids not to skip a beat this summer. I received the full ifocus kit for both Brain and Body to review this summer with my kids and share with you about how it can help your kids too.

ifocus on Brain and Behavior

I  was happy to review the ifocus Brain and Behavior because it is designed to help kids learn how to deal with distractions, improve their memory, recall more information, and gain a higher level of focus and attention. My son has had some issues with keeping focused on certain subjects at school. For him, if he isn’t interested, he isn’t “focused.”

The ifocus on Brain and Behavior Kit comes with a wealth of resources including CDs, books, and information for parents and the Jungle Rangers educational game for kids.

The Jungle Rangers game is designed to be fun and uses the skill of memory and focus to win the came.  It starts out at the easy level and then self-adjusts based on your child’s skill level so both my 6 year old and my 8 year old can play at different levels – and neither will get bored or overwhelmed.

It is an adventure theme that both boys and girls will enjoy. Their Ranger character can explore the jungle by walking, jumping, climbing ladders, and participating in activities at various locations. The activities will work on concentration and focus in order for them to complete the activity to save the island from Dr. Bearhead who plans to destroy the Jungle.

The adventure activities start off easy with only remembering one thing, then goes on to add to that skill once it is mastered. The above images of the stump game is a good example of how the game teaches focus. The pollywog character would jump on the stumps in a certain order and the ranger has to copy. If  you get it wrong, you can try again. Once you get it right a few times, they add another element to it. For the next goal, you must jump on the stumps but also be sure it is the right lighted up color or it doesn’t count.

It also comes with a fun Jungle Rangers comic book for kids to read, even kids who don’t enjoy reading like comic books! The ifocus system gives you a quick guide so you can gradually introduce this to your child. You never want to overwhelm of frustrate your child or it won’t be enjoyable for anyone.

There are additional resources for parents in addition to the educational video game.

You can even watch your child’s progress with the ifocus parent’s dashboard. If you can work up to 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week, you’ll see notable improvement in focus and attention with this program. Imagine what you can do to fight summer brain drain if you start right from the beginning! That is what I plan to do with my kids!

The ifoucs on the brain kit also includes a program for focus on behavior.  It gives parents tips on figuring out what why your child is behaving they way they are so that both you and your child understand each other, and then how to support your child’s self worth. There is so much more to behavior than the actual action including the settings and conditions we place our kids under, the skills we teach them and the consequences the behaviors earn. The kit comes with a resourceful CD and book that further outlines behaviors and how to understand and respond for a happier, socially responsible child.

ifocus on Body and Food

Summer break could be a time of being lazy, eating junk food, and not being responsible if you let it. However, it is not what is best for your child. Through the ifocus on Body and Food kit, you and your children will learn how you take care of your body and what you eat affects everything – including your focus. Be sure to consult with your child’s doctor before starting any fitness or nutritional program, including ifocus.

The ifocus on Body and Food kit gives parents the tools to keep your children active and healthy. It encourages parents to get their children exercising 5 days a week for at least 40 minutes per session. Exercise doesn’t need to be boring! They give plenty of helpful suggestions such as running through the park, setting and tracking race records, mountain or road biking, rollerblading, swimming, and more. They even give you fun exercise options that are for groups like ribbon tag, Nerf frisbee tag, tennis, and more. These activities are a fun way to liven up your next family reunion or gathering too. Don’t make the focus on stuffing yourself on the food like so many do! Have fun and get in a little exercise at the same time.

Speaking of food. The ifocus on Body and Food kit gives parents information they need to make informed decisions on the nutrition they are providing their family – even based on the ages of their children. It is an easy system on educating you on foods to avoid and how to establish healthy snacks and meals for your family.

Summer is the time when many people grab food to go but this is not an excuse to eat poorly.  There are easy substitutes to unhealthy food options are are just as tasty and convenient. For instance switch out process luncheon meats with sliced turkey breast, potato chips with baked tortilla chips with salsa, ice cream for a fruit smoothie, and Popsicle with a frozen fruit bar. We just need to offer these healthy options to our children. Your child will do better academically and be more competitive athletically if they are being provided better nutrition.

Buy ifocus Program

Buy the ifocus program for your children this summer. Make this summer one that is focused on the development on your child’s brain, behavior, body, and nutrition instead of the typical brain drain!
The ifocus Deluxe System includes everything above and is offered for $199.95 here.

The ifoucs Standard System is a quick start option that includes the ifoucs brain and body kit but not the focus on fitness or food portion.  The standard system can be purchased here.

ifocus systems include FREE Shipping. ifocus includes a 6 months 100% money back guarantee.

Get 15% off with the ifocus discount code RANGERS15

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to ifocus who provided products for review.

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