I Imagine FREE Book App for Kids by BizziBrains

Do you ever wish for an interactive but relavant book app for your kids? I Imagine is the app you might be looking for. In this story your child gets to create 3 characters. This app is made for children ages 3 to 7 and both my boys (2 and 7) enjoyed it. Each page is interactive and easy to follow. This story has wonderful narration and your child will enjoy having a story about his/herself.

In this highly interactive story your child creates a character of his/herself, a parent and a toy. They can add their face and yours to the story(via your photo gallery). They can change hair color and clothing also. It’s quite fun my son even made sure the mom had red hair like I have.

I imagine home screen
The story is about a parent who has work to do and helps their child think to think of active and creative things to do. This way their parent can finish up their work and be in the moment with them.
I Imagine building designing yourself I Imagine building a track page
Each page has cute little interactive parts. The characters can jump on the bed, play in the sand box draw and more. When all actions have been completed a little paw print appears in the bottom right corner. All they do is tap on it to proceed to the next page. It’s easy and fun.

Using I Imagine as a bedtime story

To add peace of mind the I Imagine app is part of the kidSAFE® Seal Program. They take your privacy seriously. You can download this free app here. If you want to add other characters so each child can have their own you can download the add on for $2.99.

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