A Pig That Wants To Go To School? It’s All in the New Children’s Book “Rufus Goes To School” – Enter Giveaway

Rufus Leroy Williams III is a pig – a pedigreed pig, no doubt, with a name like that!  He is also the main character in the new children’s book “Rufus Goes To School,” written by Kim T. Griswell, illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev, and published by Sterling Publishing.  Thanks to Sterling Publishing for providing copies of the book for my review.

Rufus Goes To School
Rufus Goes To School

What Makes “Rufus Goes To School” A Special Book?

While the other piggies in town are playing, Rufus finds a comfy log to sit on and looks at the pictures in his favorite book. He creates his own stories based on the illustrations he sees.  What Rufus really wants, however,  is to learn how to read.  So he does what any self-respecting pig would do, and gets himself set for school.  Backpack?  Check.  Lunchbox?  Check.  Blanket for nap time?  Check.  He’s ready!  But for some reason, Principal Lipid won’t let Rufus come to school.  All Principal Lipid can do is see the messes and problems a pig would cause in school.  For each demonstration Rufus gives the principal of his readiness for school, Principal Lipid sees at least five problems.

Rufus Goes To School
Rufus Goes To School

Rufus is confused and downright disappointed.  How can Principal Lipid not let him in to school when he’s got everything he needs to get started?  Frustrated, Rufus tries one more time to prove he is worthy of attending school.  He says to Principal Lipid,

“I have this.”  Rufus held up his favorite book.  “And I want to learn to read it.”

And as if someone had waved a magic wand, Principal Lipid smiles, and escorts Rufus to class!  Principal Lipid finally realized Rufus Leroy Williams III had what he needed to attend school – a desire to learn! 

I absolutely adore this book!  Using a sweet storyline, author Kim Griswell reminds the reader that the latest backpacks, designer lunch boxes, and all the rest of our back-to-school supplies don’t really matter…what makes a child ready for school is their desire to learn!  Amen to that!

The sweet storyline is made even better with fun, engaging water color illustrations. The illustrations seal the deal on Rufus being a piggy one would love to get to know.  🙂  As a mom, I love Rufus’ determination and preparedness.  As a child, my daughter loves his expressions in the pictures, and his “never give up” spirit.

Rufus Goes To School
Rufus Goes To School

We shared a copy of “Rufus Goes To School” with my first grader’s classroom.  I was lucky enough to be in the class the day the teacher read the book to the children.  My daughter’s teacher loved the content of the book, and commented on the great vocabulary and use of compound words – perfect lessons for her class.  The kids all listened to the story, and provided great feedback to the teacher’s questions.  I am quite sure Rufus stole the hearts of my daughter’s teacher and her classmates.

Buy Rufus Goes To School

Rufus Goes to School can be purchased directly from Sterling Publishing’s website, or from online retailers like Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com.  Look for this book at your local bookstore too!

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Sterling Publishing is generously offering a copy of Rufus Goes To School to 2 lucky AOM readers!  A $14.95 value.

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