TI-nspire CX Calculator- Review

My Elvis is heading into his Junior year next week.  He’s a brainy kid, smarter than I ever was- but isn’t that how it goes.  I’m trying to arm him with the best possible tools that will allow him to succeed in High School Ore-Calc/Trigonometry this year.

What I am looking for in a Graphing Calculator

  • Usable on all SAT, ACT and AP Tests
  • Easy to Use
  • Compatible and Recommended by Teachers
  • Well Built

What I found in the TI-nspire CX

  • Usable on all SAT, ACT and AP Tests
  • A Windows like interface making it easy to learn and use
  • TI is #1 brand recommended by teachers
  • The TI-nspire CX can be backwards compatible with other nspire models
  • Excellent Case Rigidity
  • Color Screen!
  • Touchpad (with mouse like cursor on screen)
  • PC Software to make life easy when transferring calculations, spreadsheets, or even images to the handheld calculator
  • The Video Tutorials on how to use the TI-nspire CX
TI-nspire CX in packaging
TI-nspire CX in Packaging

 Unpacking the TI-nspire CX

TI-nspire CX What is In the BOX
Inside the Packaging of the TI-nspire CX

I was pleased to find that the TI-nspire CX graphing calculator came with everything included-

  • a wall charger (for the 100 hour rechargeable Li-Ion battery)
  • Calculator and Hard Front Face Case
  • USB Cable for PC or Mac Connection
  • Software Disk and Plainly printed License Code

The TI-nspire CX Features I found most valuable for my High School Student

When I was in college, there was a mixed bag of Casio, TI, and HP calculators in the palms of all of us nerds (yes, even us 3 nerd girls) they had some neat features back then, but not like what’s in this new color screen edition.

  • The calculator has a ‘scratchpad’ area where you can do quick silly 2+3=? calculations, but what is near is that the system ALSO allows for “Documents” where problems sit, where you calculate, graph, plot charts, and manage geometry.  ALL of these things are tied together in the TI-nspire CX.  It’s honestly hard to fathom – but I know it will be kick-arse awesome for Elvis.
  • Rechargeable – it is 2011 you know
  • The PC software MIRRORS that of the calculator nspire screen AND keypad- but allows advanced copy/paste tools like posting pictures onto graphing and geometry screens.
  • Color, Easy to Read Screen.
  • Intuitive keypad (its been almost two decades, but I figured it out in under 15 minutes)
  • PRINTING from the Software!!

TI-nspire CX Hero Shot!


What can my student use the TI-nspire CX for?

You can see in the image below that I started out with just playing with the calculator- which, mind you, is the best way to do anything!  I figured out how to post the AOM logo onto a graphing chart of the calculator(also note the USB/charger – charging away!)

TI-nspire CX with image on screen
TI-nspire CX with the AOM logo copy-pasted from within the PC Software

But Elvis will (hear that son?) use the calculator for his pre-calc class, for trigonometry in the second half of the year, for AP Calculus.  He’ll also use it in his Chemistry Class, and AP Physics next year.  There are a slew of functions in the device- from the periodic table, to business and finance equations and statistics.

Student Teacher Collaboration with the TI-nspire CX

Chances are, he may hit a class in college where a device like this is required- just because of the student/teacher connectivity, wireless capabilities, and document workflow system that is on the device.  I have no doubt that TI hit a home run with this latest release.

Compared to my old HP calculator- that used Reverse Polish Notation, this device works well, is very intuitive in a Workspace kind of world, and I, simply, recommend buying one.

Buy the Texas Instruments TI-nspire CX


This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Texas Instruments who provided the products for review & giveaway.

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