When is school starting? Here’s the Local List

Across Summit County’s public schools, the first day for students range from August 19th through September 4th.  Start dates often depend on local whimsy, school construction, and winter weather guesses.  I found it an interesting exercise to see the various school district websites.  Some amazing, some, well, built circa 2003!  Here’s the opening day list in chronological order.

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Lastly, if you live in Stow, can you please tell me how the first day works?  Totally confused here!!!

First Day for Students across Summit County

Tallmadge City Schools.  The First day of school in Tallmadge is August 19th.  Check out the school district Calendar.

Coventry Local Schools start on August 20th.  Full Calendar is here

Twinsburg City Schools is August 20th. Twinsburg Schools Calendar.  Oh I have to mention, Twinsburg City Schools was the only district to make the First Day of School date a priority on their home page.  Nice and big on the home page.  Every other website (besides Mogadore) I had to click several times to find it.

Revere Local .  The First day of school is Wednesday August 21st. See the full calendar, and note that some Kindergarten starts on the 22nd.

Hudson City Schools: First Day for Students is August 21st.  Hudson School Calendar

Nordonia Hills City Schools start on August 22nd.  See the Nordonia School Calendar.

Copley- Fairlawn Local: First Day is Thursday August 22nd.  See the full calendar.  note some Kindergarten starts on the 23rd.

Norton City Schools, Grades 1-12 start on Thursday August 22nd.  Kintergarden starts on the 23rd.  See the calendar!

Barberton City Schools start on August 26th.  Here is their calendar.

Woodridge Local Schools : August 26th for Grades 1-12, and 29th for Kindergarden.  School Calendar is here.

Green Local Schools start on August 26th.  School Calendar is here.

Cuyahoga Falls City School District.  First day for students is August 26th.  Their fairly blank calendar is here.  Their website is so pretty, but so empty!

Stow/Munroe Falls City School District starts on either the 26th, 27th, or 28th, depending on a very complicated set of variables.  This is a real horrible calendar.  Good luck Stow Dwellers on figuring out when that first Yellow Bus is coming!!!!

Manchester Local Schools start on August 27th.  Their fairly empty Calendar can be found here.

Mogadore Local Schools start on August 27th.  You can find their first day of class on the district calendar right on their home page.

Akron Public Schools.  The First day of school is Wednesday August 28th, 2013.  See full calendar for open house and orientation days.

Springfield Local Schools starts September 4th.  I had to dig for their calenadar as a download.  Their regular school calendar is EMPTY.. SHAME SHAME Springfield!!


The University of Akron- Move In Week is Tuesday through Thursday, August 20-22.  The Fall Semester officially begins on August 26th.

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