Set your clocks ahead tonight or you’ll be late to church tomorrow!

Daylight Savings time starts the 2nd Sunday in March, that is tomorrow, March 13, 2011! Set your clocks before you go to bed tonight or if you want to be technical, you can wait until 1:59am, the official Daylight Savings Time.

Why 1:59am? Well, we spring forward from 1:49am to 3am each Spring because that is the most disruptive time of day. It doesn’t affect bars or restaurants,and it doesn’t affect early shift workers or early churchgoers as much. I’m sure it will affect attendance for Sunday School classes though in our church since they start normally at 9. lol There has been a couple times when we forgot to Spring forward and we ended up getting to church during the ending song instead of the first song! LOL I always love watching these people.

I’m sort of excited to lose this hour of sleep because it means the dark days of Winter are behind us and the long Summer days and nights are ahead.

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3 thoughts on “Set your clocks ahead tonight or you’ll be late to church tomorrow!

  1. Beth says:

    Talk about living under a rock! I haven’t watched “regular” tv in days, and had no idea daylight savings was tomorrow. Thanks for the scoop, Cindy! 🙂

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