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How will you be notified of a crisis, emergency health or safety situation in Summit County? Did you know that the County of Summit has an Summit Emergency Notification and Warning System? Reverse Alert is a warning system that notifies Summit County citizens of severe threats to health and safety via your landline phone, cell phone, text message, email, and hearing impaired receiving devices.  Currently, if you have a published telephone number that is listed in the white pages, you will receive Reverse Alert emergency messages. If your phone # isn’t listed, you won’t.

Summit Emergency Notification and Warning System Reverse Alert

If a crisis happens or a severe threat is about to hit your home, business, or kids’ school, be in the know with Summit Emergency Notification and Warning System Reverse Alert. Signing up is quick and easy on the Summit County website. You can sign up for alerts that affect you and your family such as your home, kids’ schools, business, parent’s home, daycare, and more in Summit County. Sign up your cell phones, house phone, email, and more. The more ways you provide to be notified, the better chance that you will get that notification in a crisis situation. The Summit Emergency Notification and Warning System Reverse Alert will keep trying to contact you with the numbers you give them until it reaches you.

If a crisis situation occurs or an emergency situation is about to happen, you will receive a either voice or text communications that you request. This is a great way to keep your family safe and be prepared of potential emergency health and safety situations in Summit County. Tell your friends and family to sign up for Summit Emergency Notification and Warning System Reverse Alert too.

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