Remember that State Farm® Safety Patrol is FREE for Everyone in Ohio

State Farm Assist Patrol Program

During our first year of marriage, my husband and I were traveling hours to my grandparents on Christmas Day. We were just about 40 minutes away when we got a flat tire. The snow was coming down pretty hard and blowing all over the roads. There was no cell service. Thankfully my husband was able to change the flat tire and we made it to grandma’s house. This was not a safe situation to say the least.

This is a sponsored post for State Farm®.

If something like this happens this year, at least I know that I can count on the State Farm Safety Patrol to help with FREE roadside assistance. Be on the lookout for vehicles like this while traveling. Remember that State Farm Safety Patrol is FREE for everyone in Ohio (and 13 other states). They are there to keep you and your family safe on the highway.

State Farm Assist Patrol Program

FREE State Farm Assist Patrol

Through the Assist Patrol Program, State Farm and local state transportation agencies are keeping drivers safe on the highway.

State Farm Safety Patrol keeps drivers safe with a variety of FREE services including:

  • Changing flat tires
  • Fixing minor mechanical problems
  • Removing debris after car accidents
  • Providing minimal amounts of fuel
  • Emergency medical assistance

State Farm Safety Patrol helps over 700,000 consumers every year in 14 states, including Ohio! In fact, they just added 22 new vehicles in Ohio with the expectation of helping 100,000 drivers yearly.

Winter Car Safety Tips

Driving in the winter is so much more dangerous, we all need to be extra cautious and extra prepared. Get your car ready with these winter car safety tips:

  • Check the Car Battery – older batteries are at risk during cold weather and can leave you stranded
  • Fill up Windshield Washer Fluid – Be sure to use fluid that is made to withstand freezing temperatures and keep it full so you can have a clear windshield during the slushy season ahead
  • Road Survival Kit – Include basic tools, first aid, blankets, jumper cables, flash light, gloves, and road flares. (Snacks for your kids couldn’t hurt either!)
  • Keep gas on 1/2 to Full to prevent gas line freeze-up
  • Skip Cruise Control on icy roads
  • Clear Exhaust Pipe from mud and snow
  • Keep your cell phone charged

State Farm Safety Patrol – FREE Local Service

It isn’t safe to be stranded alongside the highway, especially during frigid temperatures and icy road conditions. I feel safer knowing that there is a fleet of State Farm vehicles patrolling our highways every day to keep us all safe on the road. This free local service could save countless lives. Did you know that road fatalities are up by 15% this year in Ohio? We all need to take extra safety measures like the above tips, staying off of our smartphones while driving and no texting. I feel so much better knowing that State Farm is looking out for me and my family with this free local service.

State Farm also offers an Emergency Road Service that includes towing and labor for policyholders.

Spread the word about this FREE local service to your friends and family. Their goal is to do whatever they can to help drivers stay safe.

This is a sponsored post for State Farm®. All opinions and content is 100% my own.

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