Stay Healthy During Coronavirus Quarantine! Three Personal Trainers Share Tips!

stay healthy during coronavirus quarantine

3 Personal Trainers Share Tips to Stay Healthy During Coronavirus Quarantine

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused a rapid and unprecedented shift in every aspect of our daily lives. Amidst the stress and uncertainty about the future, mental and physical health can suffer. But it doesn’t have to. Use these three tips to stay healthy during Coronavirus quarantine and to revitalize your commitment to your health.

stay healthy during cornavirus quarantine
Forced isolation isn’t fun…but you can still stay healthy during coronavirus quarantine!

Shift your mindset to see the silver linings

We can’t go to the gym. We can’t meet our friends for coffee. We can’t take our kids to the playground. We can’t, we can’t, we can’t, we can’t… Getting hyper-focused on all the things we can’t do is a recipe for depression and inaction.

Instead, start thinking of all the things you can do. You can exercise at home. You can use free online conferencing tools to meet with friends. You can go outside for a walk. You can learn to cook or bake or garden. You can spend more time with family. You can read a book or take an online course.

Staying healthy and happy during Coronavirus quarantine isn’t difficult…it’s just different. With the right mindset you can make lemonade out of those lemons!

stay healthy during coronavirus quarantine
Stay healthy during coronavirus quarantine requires a shift in mindset…make lemonade from those lemons!

Create a new routine to stay healthy during Coronavirus quarantine

For most of us, the death of our health and sanity won’t be caused by Coronavirus. It will be caused by the massive shift in our routines, and our ability (or inability) to adapt. I admit that the first week of quarantine, I was an absolute slug. My normally-set routine fell apart. And this made me feel like an absolute mess. Major self-pity party.

Brooke Kaylor, a personal trainer and owner of BK Fitness in Medina, Ohio, points out that routine is so important, but that we shouldn’t get discouraged when our old routines aren’t working any more. She notes that this is the perfect opportunity to create an entirely new schedule that is built around health and fitness!

A few suggestions might include: waking up and going to bed at the same times every day. Eat regular meals (which will help regulate that excessive hunger we’re all feeling). Schedule time to be outside in nature and time for workouts. Set specific times to be on social media and Netflix so that you don’t get stuck on the couch for eight hours at a stretch! And if you are not working, put more time and effort into learning to cook healthy meals or consider starting a veggie garden!

stay healthy during coronavirus quarantine
Keep a regular meal schedule and learn to cook a few new dishes to stay healthy during coronavirus quarantine!

Utilize free and low-cost services to stay healthy during coronavirus quarantine

Masses of suddenly unemployed men and women don’t have the extra funds to spend on extraneous services right now. And even if we did, many of these services aren’t available. Gyms, spas, salons, and most non-critical resources are closed until further notice.

I, for one, would love to attend a yoga class, get a massage, or hit that trendy new vegan bistro for a healthy meal. It appears I’m out of luck for the foreseeable future! But that doesn’t mean I can’t figure out other ways to support my health goals from home!

Susan Russell, a therapist and personal trainer who works and resides in Medina, Ohio, points out that there are many Free and low-cost resources for staying healthy in body, mind, and spirit. She recommends several resources for staying fit using YouTube videos, including yoga with Adrienne. She also recommends utilizing guided meditations and points to a great free resource by Kristin Neff at

stay healthy during coronavirus quarantine
To stay healthy during coronavirus quarantine, utilize the hundreds of free resources online!

Stay happy and healthy during Coronavirus Quarantine by joining the FREE Stronger Together Facebook group!

In an effort to keep myself busy and give back to the community, I have partnered with Russell and Kaylor to start a free Facebook group called Stronger Together. Our goal is to help the local community stay fit and strong through the Coronavirus crisis. We provide three to four workout videos each week, plus daily health tips and inspiration to keep you moving forward! We welcome all readers to join us!

stay healthy during coronavirus quarantine
Join Bailey, Kaylor, and Russell in the Stronger Together Facebook group for FREE workouts!
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