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eco friendly jaws cleaners

I’ve used JAWS (Just Add Water System) cleaners for years.  It is a line of cleaning products that are eco-friendly, effective, and inexpensive.  They have a new line of cleaning products that I was sent to check out in exchange for this post.

When you first purchase JAWS, you’ll receive 1 empty spray bottle with 2 cleaner cartridges. Fill it up with your own water and 1 cartridge. When you run out, add more water and another cartridge. From then on, simply re-order cartridges.

jawsThis reduces waste since you are reusing the same bottle and your own water! This is an easy way to be eco-friendly and smart about cleaning. Plus, the products really work, are non-toxic, and smell great!

I’ve used JAWS Glass Cleaner for years. We have a lot of large windows in our home that I clean several times a week because I have a dog that likes to lick and smudge her nose on while spying on wildlife outside! Thankfully, JAWS is non-toxic so it is safe for use around pets – and children!

kitchen window
Every time I use JAWS glass cleaner, I have sparkling clean, streak-free glass – on my windows, computer monitor, smartphone screen, marble counter, mirrors, stainless steel appliances, and more.JAWS glass cleaner

I use a LOT of JAWS glass cleaner, so I feel good knowing that I’m not polluting the environment with empty plastic bottles every time I run out. I simply add a new JAWS refill pod and water to my JAWS bottle. Less waste and less expensive too.

I was also able to check out the JAWS Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser.

JAWS Kitchen Cleaner

I really like that this cleaner and degreaser cuts the residue while still leaving everything haze-free and streak-free!! I stopped using other degreasers because they left everything a mess. I like everything crisp and clean, without residue.  I use it on my range top and hood, granite countertop, and appliances.

We have well water that leaves my bathtubs a mess. With the JAWS Daily Shower Cleaner, my bathtubs are kept clean and smell great too!

JAWS Shower Cleaner

Once I had everything clean, I started using the daily shower cleaner every time we showered. Just a quick spritz and all the soap scum and mineral deposits have nowhere to stay!  I mostly use it on the tub surround and base but it can also be used on tile, toilets, sinks, counter tops, and glass shower doors.  Since it is non-toxic, my kids can even spray it themselves when they climb out of the shower every day in their bathroom too!  The citrus floral scent is a very fresh and clean smell for the bathroom – I love it.

JAWS has a new line of Hardwood Floor Cleaner too.

JAWS Hardwood Cleaner

It can be used for all your hardwood furniture as well as laminate flooring, bamboo,k concrete, stone, tile, marble, and more. I’ve been using it on our wood furniture. It cleans really nicely with a lemon-lime scent that is refreshing.

I don’t have hard wood floors, so I don’t know how well it cleans or how much you’d go through since it is just in a 20 oz spray bottle but it cleans my wood surfaces nicely. It did win the 2015 Progressive Grocer Editor’s Pick Award because it “quickly cleans sealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum and national stone floors without leaving behind hazy residue or streaks.

You can purchase JAWS cleaners online and at retailers nationwide. In the Akron, Ohio area, you can find JAWS at Discount Drug Mart. Find a retailer near you.

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