Swimming Safely with iSwimBand

In our neighborhood we are permitted to have pools but not required to fence them. A few weeks ago while playing outside with a neighbors children, Kiernan took off around the corner of the house. I took off running after him and feared that he had gone for another neighbors in-ground  pool (unfenced and without a cover.) I ran the corner screaming his name and thinking the worst.

Thankfully he was no where near the pool but it was a horrible feeling, with iSwimBand I will never have to feel like that again.

iswimband in the boxI received product to facilitate this post.

The Start of iSwimband

iSwimBand was founded by three men after the horrible near downing of a nine year old boy in their hometown. They were frustrated because it happened while life guards were on duty and they desired to create a reliable and practical warning system. I can understand how scary it must have been, I think this is one of my biggest fears.

iswimbandFacts About Drowning

Did you know 88% of drownings occur with some kind of supervision?  That makes it the 2nd leading cause of accidental deaths in children under the age of 18. It takes as little as 20 Seconds for a child to drown, Set a timer for 20 seconds and see how fast that really is. It’s scary how fast 20 seconds can go by. Drowning is a silent killer, Hollywood leads us to believe that someone drowning will splash about and yell for help, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Read more facts here.

i swimbandUsing iSwimband

iSwimband is so easy to use. Start by downloading the app ( Only available for apple products right now.), then tap the sensor 5 times to turn it on. The 1st time you turn it on you will have to sync it, don’t stress it’s just as easy as syncing any other device. You will have to enter the last five digits of the code on the sensor and then select non-swimmer or swimmer and add the child’s name. iSwimband retails for $99.00 and is available for purchase here. Check out the non-swimmer video by iSwimband.


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