The Outrageously Disgusting Shopping Carts of Death

Ya, That’s nice.  I read a story in USA Today , today.  It brings up one of my scary pet peeves that I had when I was hoisting Elijah and Elizabeth around when they were young enough to sit in a cart at the grocery store.

It turns out that my fears of ‘dirty’ shopping carts were correct, and that I was smart to have a shopping cart cover for them.  You see, this recent study says that 72% of tested shopping cart push HANDLES have traces of fecal matter.  Ya, that’s right- poop.

Let’s just say SOMEONE is not washing their hands– and to that person I say “your self impressing dexterity of using toilet paper is not as good as you think.”   I thought that we got beyond that in our society- I thought that NOT-hand washing went the way of smoking, and marxism and is no more?  Alas, not the case.

And almost as scary is the fact that on half of the samples tested, our lovely friend  Mr. E.Coli was found.  E. Coli, is not exactly ‘kid friendly’.

So, this means that everyone should start buying Purel again by the truck loads.   Or utilize the onsite wipes that many stores now have at the fronts of stores.  Or buy your own since they are often times empty!

Have kids that like to EAT shopping cart handles?  Buy a cover.

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9 thoughts on “The Outrageously Disgusting Shopping Carts of Death

  1. Diana says:

    And think of the salad bars. Golden Coral has Purell to use. I had Helicobacter pylori ( H pylori) a few months ago. From the salad bar? Grocery cart? Doctors don’t know how people get it for sure. I got it somewhere. I always use Purell.

  2. Cindy says:

    Just be sure to clean the cart cover often too. My kids never sat in the cart without our cart covers. I had 2 so when we went to Sam’s Club, both kids could use them when they were younger.


    I have a homemade cart cover. I made it choke full of pockets and toys holders. Love it!

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