The Wheel Fell Off My Parents’ Van While Driving 55MPH Tonight

We went out to dinner tonight. I checked my email when we got home and read this as a message from my mom on facebook:

The driver side rear tire come off.  We walked back about 400 foot and found the tire in the woods. The lug bolts were all off. It’s getting dark. God had to of showed us where the tire went. Waiting on tow truck.

What?! The wheel completely came off when they were driving 55mph on the highway. My mom claims that God helped them find the tire in the woods, certainly He did because a tire flying off a car at 55mph could go anywhere. But the biggest miracle is that they did not crash and they were ok when their wheel fell off the car when they were driving 55mph!

Tonight could have had a much different story if God wasn’t watching over them. I believe that with all my heart. With Christmas a couple weeks away, I see people rushing around, looking for gifts, throwing parties, baking, shopping, and having as much fun as they possibly can. I get it. Christmas is a wonderful time. But do we get too caught up in the commercialism of it all?

At bedtime tonight, my son asked if we were going to have snow on Christmas since we haven’t had any snow yet this season. I said we probably would but sometimes we don’t have snow on Christmas in Ohio. He said, “Christmas is not about the snow, Mom.” I agreed. He went on, “Christmas is not about the presents either. It is about Jesus’ birthday.”  My 6 year old gets it.

He has always had a tender heart for God, even at the age of 4 when he accepted Jesus as his personal savior – he gets it. Of course, he is a kid that is looking forward to presents but in his heart, he knows Christmas is about Jesus. We talked a while longer about why Jesus came to Earth, about the sacrifice it was to come to Earth from Heaven. He reminded me of how Jesus died for us and why Easter was so exciting – because Jesus lives again.

Tonight was a good reminder for me. It was what I needed to be sure my heart is in the right place this Christmas. I am thankful that my parents are safe, I love them so much. I am thankful for the family that God has truly blessed me with. I am thankful that God chose to come to Earth as a baby to redeem the world. I’m thankful that He loves me. With just a couple weeks left before Christmas, I plan to enjoy this season with friends and family without getting caught up in the busyness of it all. I plan to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with all my heart.

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