There are Alligators in Akron Ohio Lakes

Earlier this Spring we were at a park in Akron. I heard a boy ask his mom, “Mom, are there alligators in that lake?” The mom replied, “Oh no, not in Ohio.” My husband and I told the lady that “Yes, there are alligators in Akron”. She looked at us funny. Oh well, we told our kids too.

picture of Adrian Diaz caught an Alligator at Summit Lake in Akron Ohio
Adrian Diaz caught an Alligator at Summit Lake in Akron Ohio

Today, at Summit Lake, Adrian Diaz earned the fishing story of his life. He caught an alligator in Akron Ohio that was 3-1/2 feet long! He thought it was a bull frog or a turtle biting at his bait. Then out came walking an alligator, it came up to the shore and started eating the bait right off of the fishing pool.  He thought fast, threw his hat over its head, pulled the rubber band from his ponytail and wrapped the alligator’s jaws shut! Once the alligator made noise, a lager 6 foot alligator appeared, possibly his mom. Adrian Diaz grabbed the small alligator and ran! The animal warden is looking for a home for this alligator.


Recent History of Alligators in Akron, Ohio

Today’s alligator caught in Akron Ohio was not the first. In fact, in the past 3 years, there have been 3 alligators caught in Akron Ohio. Specifically, Summit Lake is where all of the alligator action is taking place. Summit Lake is located between Downtown and Kenmore.

picture of Map of Summit Lake "Where the alligators live in Akron Ohio"
Map of Summit Lake “Where the alligators live in Akron Ohio”

Located right in the middle of the busy city life is this large lake. It is surrounded with neighborhoods with families. Swimming is prohibited but fishing is open to the public. I know many will hear about the alligators and go fishing at Summit Lake for the thrill. I just hope that nobody catches another alligator, especially a kid!

picture of Fishing for Alligators in Summit Lake in Ohio
Fishing for Alligators in Summit Lake in Ohio

Alligator in Akron Ohio in 2009

Just last year, Anthony Greer, a 14  year old boy caught and killed a 4 foot 2 inch alligator at Summit Lake in Akron, Ohio. He didn’t know what to do so he hit it over the head with a large rock! Luckily this boy did not get hurt!

picture of Anthony Greer Alligator in Lake
Anthony Greer Alligator in Lake

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Alligator in Akron Ohio in 2007

In 2007, another 14  year old boy was fishing at Summit Lake. Robert Pendleton Jr. was warned by his 11 year old brother, Danny that he saw an alligator. I’m sure Robert didn’t believe his little brother! He believed it when he caught it on his fishing line. They called for grandma’s help who called the police. The dog warden came out and pulled the alligator in with a pole. The alligator in Akron Ohio measured 5 feet! Thankfully, everyone was safe.

picture of Rober Pendleton Jr caught alligator in Akron Ohio
Rober Pendleton Jr caught alligator in Akron Ohio
picture of Rober Pendleton Jr caught alligator in Akron Ohio in 2007
Rober Pendleton Jr caught alligator in Akron Ohio in 2007

What do you think about alligators in Akron?

If there have been 3 caught, I’m sure there are more in Summit Lake. I don’t know what, if anything can be done about these alligators. What about the 6 foot alligator that Adrian Diaz claimed he saw today?!

People that take alligators as pets need to realize that they grow up to be large. If they cannot take on this responsibility, then they should not have an alligator as a pet. And if they realize that they cannot take care of a 3 or 4 or 5 foot alligator, they need to contact the animal warden for help.

I just pray that a small child doesn’t get attacked or a person fishing gets bitten unsuspectingly by an alligator in Akron, Ohio.

To the mom who told her son that there are no alligators, never say never!

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11 thoughts on “There are Alligators in Akron Ohio Lakes

  1. steven A. says:

    … and in following the information I have , and speaking to various persons ,.. it IS NOT impossible that you have a breading population in your lake ….

  2. steven A. says:

    cindy,…. I have more than 20 years working with reptiles… Alligators have been on this planet for millions of years and have changed very little ,… they survived ice ages , asteroids and God knows what else . , a little Ohio winter doesnt phase them a bit … as long as they can have air and do not freeze solid there heart continues to beat and they go into a near state of suspended animation so to speak.. so yes they really could survive the winter the same way as a snapping turtle does, anothe reptile that has been on earth for millions of years virtually unchanged….
    Dr. steven A.

  3. Crystal says:

    Well, I think that they are saying people get them as pets and then they get bigger, and get dumped there. I do hope there is NOT a 6′ one there too. Watch out !!

  4. Angie says:

    Hi Cindy! Thanks for stopping by and following at A Little Book Nook! I am following you back now and look forward to reading. 🙂

  5. Michelle R says:

    With my in-laws living in Florida, there’s always talk of us moving there sometime. One thing I have feared is running into a gator unexpectedly. I’ve heard stories of some getting into homes following the smell of meat, etc. I don’t know what all is true, but it’s scary! When we visit, we go ‘gator hunting’, aka we go by the ponds that are known to have them to see if they’re laying out or anywhere in sight. I’d hate to run into one at anytime here at home or while in Florida. I’m glad my husband and I aren’t into going fishing!

  6. Cindy says:

    Who knows! I would find it hard to believe they could survive our winters. Maybe they are adapting? If there is a 6 foot alligator in there, I find it hard to believe it was dumped this Spring, you know?

  7. Jennifer Paciorek says:

    Do they alligators survive the winter?? Or do people just pitch them each spring when they become to big to handle?

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