Things that will cost more in 2011 and what you can do about it

As moms, all we can do is ship wisely and continue to evaluate what our family really needs in order to defray rising prices in 2011. I have researched things that will cost more in 2011 and provided a few ideas on what you can do about these increasing prices. If you have tips to share, please comment below.

Groceries will cost more in 2011

Do you remember when grocery prices went up several years ago? Prices rose 5.5% in 2008. Well, it’s happening again. Expect 2-3% increase overall in your grocery bill. Bad winter weather, weakened US dollar, and increased exports are to blame.

How do you combat this? Shop wisely. Stock up on items on sale and use coupons whenever possible. If you are locally in the Akron area, utilize an excellent resource called Saving in Akron. They list out every local store’s sales ads each week and where to find coupons to match up. This is where you will see savings, way more than 2-3% off your grocery bill!

Don’t forget to support your local farmers for cheaper and fresher produce or better  yet, grow your own garden and spend pennies on the dollar!

Gas & Heat will cost more in 2011

If you haven’t already noticed, the cost of gas tipped over the $3 mark and locally is $3.19 a gallon. Experts expect this price to continue to skyrocket up to $5 per gallon this year! They are blaming the bad winter we’ve had with increased demand for heating fuel.

So, what are you doing and what do you plan to do to combat the rising gas prices? Some suggestions include carpooling, plan your errands to make less trips, get a more efficient vehicle, and in warmer months ride your bike or walk whenever you can. While it is still cold, save money by keeping your thermostat lower (especially at night) and bundle up.  My husband bought me an electric mattress pad, similar to an electric blanket at Christmas, it keeps us warm and toasty.

Postage Stamps will cost more in 2011

US Postal stamps are expected to increase from $.44 each to $.46 in January 2011. The solution? Buy Forever stamps at today’s price, they literally last forever and can be used no matter what the price increase is.

Tires will cost more in 2011

Tire manufacturers started hiking their prices in December 2010 with more coming in 2011. I guess this week wasn’t the perfect time to get tires replaced on our car! No wonder the quote from 2 months ago was no longer valid and we had to pay an extra $100! The overall price increase is 6-8%.

How do you combat this? Keep your tires inflated at the right pressure, rotate tires every 6 months, and keep an eye on your alignment.

Clothes and bedding will cost more in 2011

Cotton cost 80% more now than in 2010, so you can expect clothes and bedding to cost more too.

How do you combat this? Stock up on end-of-season clearance, especially for your kids. Shop the thrift stores, yard sales,  and events like The Big Red Wagon. Hand clothes down to relatives and friends, especially kids clothes.

McDonalds will cost more in 2011

McDonalds hasn’t had a price increase since 2009, but prices are expect to increase 2-3% in 2011. The reason is that they are paying more for key materials, such as meat and wheat. The solution? Limit your fast-food intake, order off the value menu, and share meals. Ideally, we would all eat home-cooked, made-from-scratch meals at home. However, there are times when we are on the road, so clip coupons and order from the value meal menu.

Health care will cost more in 2011

With the Obama administration, it is hard to even guess what health care will cost in 2011 but you can bet it will increase.

How do you combat this? Research your best health care options, a higher deductible might be a solution if you are a healthy person.

Education will cost more in 2011

Tuition is expect to rise up to 8% for college.

How do you combat this? Opt to take online classes or classes at community college are transferable during the summer or for a semester or 2.

Traveling will cost more in 2011

If you plan to travel by airplane, expect to pay 2-7% more. Hotel rates are going up 3-6%.  Good news is that car rental and rail is remaining steady at 2010 rates.

How do you combat this? Shop for best deals online for flights and hotels. Take more day trips for vacations with your family.

DirectTV will cost more in 2011

Expect choice packages to increase $2, Legacy $3, and extra receives by $5 each. Additional channels are increasing as well.

How do you combat this? You can always go to a lower package, rent more movies from places like the library for FREE or Redbox for $1.

If you have tips to share, please comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Things that will cost more in 2011 and what you can do about it

  1. Cindy says:

    You won’t believe this Andi but I am actually reviewing the JAWS cleaners right now and will post next week. I love them. What an excellent way to save money and the environment. Stay tuned, there will be a giveaway as well!

  2. Andi says:

    Another way to save money is by using refillable/reusable cleaning products, like JAWS cleaners ( They come with these little refill cartridges filled with concentrate and you just add water yourself at home. It saves you money AND helps the environment. You can find them at Bed, Bath & Beyonds or Dave’s Markets.

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