Tire Care Tips to Save Money and Stay Safe from RightTurn

Summer is here which means many of us will be hitting the wide open roads! With precious cargo of our families on board, it is important now more than ever to ensure your car’s tires are up to the task of all your Summer driving. In recognition of National Tire Safety Week, RightTurn would like to make you aware of your tires for a safe Summer driving season.

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Tire Care Tips to Save Money and Stay Safe

Follow these simple tire care tips from RightTurn for a safer drive, longer lasting tires, and reduced fuel costs this Summer.

  • Pressure
  • Alignment
  • Rotation
  • Tread

It only takes a little time to ensure your tires are ready to take your family wherever they want to go this Summer too. Plan to check over your tires once a month to ensure a safer – and less expensive – driving season.

Tire Pressure

Ensuring you have the correct pressure in your tires will give you a safer drive and save on fuel costs. It only takes a few minutes to check your tire pressure each month, most gas stations offer it for free. This is an easy way to make your tires last longer (saving you money) and it helps on fuel costs too.

tiresTire Alignment

Getting your car tires aligned with give your a smoother drive and your tires will last longer too. Your vehicle may require you to get your tires aligned at certain intervals. This helps your tires wear evenly and less rapidly.


Tire Rotation

Get your tires rotated for even driving. Your car tires wear differently, depending on where they are placed on your car. Rotate your tires every 5-6,000 miles.


Tire Tread

Be sure you aren’t driving on the bottom of tire wear. Tires don’t last forever. Check the tread in your tires. If you are driving on worn tires, you are at more risk for an accident.


RightTurn can you help make smart decisions regarding your tires. Not all tires are created alike and not all are designed for your car or your driving needs. The experts at RightTurn can get your vehicle fitted with the proper tires. It is as easy as surfing their website, getting expert recommendations for your vehicle. Don’t worry about buying them online because shipping is free. Their prices even include installation by certified dealerships near you.

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