Trans-Seasonal Jackets for Any Weather

They say that if you don’t like the weather in Ohio, wait 5 minutes because it will change. As Ohioans, we know this to be the truth during most of the year. That is why I think that a 3-in-1 jacket is just plain genius. Free Country offers Trans-Seasonal 3-in-1 Jackets for the whole family.


I received product to facilitate this post.

I like the look and style of the above women’s Trans-Seasonal 3-in-1 Jackets. They allows you to use the layering effect by removing pieces you don’t need as the day warms up or as the seasons change. With the Spring we have had so far, we have had a couple 55 degree days that only required a jacket while we got 4 inches of snow this weekend!

A Trans-Seasonal 3-in-1 Jacket is especially good for kids. When my kids got on the bus this morning, it was 28 degrees. It is suppose to be 60 degrees when they get off!

Free Country offers great colors for kids too like these 3-in-1 jackets for boys.


I like the various color and pattern choices for girls 3-in-1 jackets too.


Men’s Free Country Trans-Seasonal 3-in-1 Jacket Review

We were able to check out one of the Men’s Free Country Trans-Seasonal 3-in-1 Jackets. It has been a really good jacket for my husband with the huge changes in weather this year. Below is a photo of the jacket fully loaded, perfect for keeping warm during this harsh Winter we have had.

FreeCountryTrans-Seasonal 3-in-1 Jackets (3)

The outer shell is water and wind resistant making it perfect for the snow and sleet we have had. The polyfil inner jacket zips right into the outer shell.

FreeCountryTrans-Seasonal 3-in-1 Jackets (6)

When it begins to warm up a bit, you can remove the inner jacket and wear the outer shell for protection against the elements but without the added warmth.

FreeCountryTrans-Seasonal 3-in-1 Jackets (9)

The pockets are generously sized for men’s hands. You can even zip the pockets to secure items.FreeCountryTrans-Seasonal 3-in-1 Jackets (5)

This jacket has many different pockets too, including a cell phone pocket and iPod pocket with loops to string up your headphones too.FreeCountryTrans-Seasonal 3-in-1 Jackets (1)

This jacket is available in a number of colors, each with a little pop of color for fun like the red zipper accent below.FreeCountryTrans-Seasonal 3-in-1 Jackets (4)

The promise of Spring is upon us. There will be breezy, chilly days where all we’ll need is a jacket. The red, lightweight quilted jacket is perfect for a layer of warmth this Spring – or into next Fall. FreeCountryTrans-Seasonal 3-in-1 Jackets (7)

Again, it has generous pockets.FreeCountryTrans-Seasonal 3-in-1 Jackets (8)

Layering is always the best solution. This Free Country line is perfect during this time of year when the weather cannot make up its mind – but it is also a value driven product too. Buy 1 jacket and you essentially have 3 that will take you and your family through an entire year.

Free Country apparel is available for purchase on their website and at major retailers nationwide including Kohl’s, JC Penney, and Bass Pro Shops. Check out all of Free Country apparel including  recreational outerwear, activewear and swimwear for men, women and children.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Free Country who provided the products for review.

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