What Will Bookworms Eat If Real Books Are Gone?

Top story of the week.  Borders Bookstores are closing down.  It was noted that business has not been too rosy for Borders these past years.   Borders’ stock price (BGP) fell 35% in the beginning of February 2011; they filed bancruptcy in the mid month of February 2011.

Could this be because we have been so pre-occupied with everything but reading?   Are Tablet computers, such as Apple iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook, digital readers such as Kindle and Nook in the market, changing the way we read?

Will e-books be totally replacing real books in the near future?  I like to read,  but am having difficulty deciding if I like e-books better.  Here are my thoughts in a nutshell.

What is so hot about e-books? 

  • Environmental Friendly. There will be less tress to cut.
  • It is convenient. Getting new books is just a fingertip away.
  • No worries about getting the book pages dirty/wrinkled/dog-eared.
  • No more bulky books to store.  Less bookshelves in the house.
  • I can  carry thousands of books without breaking my back.
  • Drying out wet books with a hairdryer no more.  (I know you have done it, too!)

What is not so hot about e-books?

  • No more physical bookshops  – meaning less job opportunities,  less human interaction (no more free browsing).
  • Book printing companies will be out of business.
  • I have one less excuse to buy a new, more powerful hairdryer.
  • I will miss the new book smell, the touch and feel of a physical book.
  • Instead of fussing about the weight of books,  it will be all about file sizes.
  • What am I going to do with my collection of bookmarks and colorful highlighters?
  • Bookworms (insect) will need a new name and find something else to fit into their dinner menus.

What is E-book?

E-book is a short form of Electronic Book. It is often called digital book and is a digital form of published books.  It can be downloadable and readable on computers or other electronic reading devices.

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Veronica is a working mom who operates with a dash of technology, a pinch of positive mind, a dust of joy, and a chocolate bar. Veronica blogged for AkronOhioMoms from 2010-2012.
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