Wal-Mart Pulls Out Enfamil Formula From Shelves After Baby’s Death

Wal-Mart is pulling out a certain batch of Enfamil Formula from their US stores after a report of a baby’s death in  Missouri.

Baby Avery Cornett, 10 days old died from a very rare bacterial infection.  Baby formula is a suspect since such bacteria may have grown in the infant formula.   The baby formula was purchased from a Wal-Mart store in Lebanon, MO.

The affected batch of Infamil Newborn formula in 12.5 ounce canister is ZP1K7G.

The parent company of Infamil Formula, Mead-Johnson, is not issuing a recall at the moment but is working with the government agency to investigate on the batch of formula in question.

Public health investigators are also researching the source of Avery’s infection from other factors, such as the water used when preparing the baby formula.



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