Was My Husband Waiting on a Sign from Above to Get Gas?

picture of Ford Explorer Fuel Level Indicator

Have you ever started a trip and ended up on Empty driving down an endless highway? It’s a scary feeling, especially with kids in the car, at night, or in the blazing heat. One feature that I really like on the Ford Explorer is that it doesn’t just say “low fuel” or “E”, it tells you exactly how many miles you have left until you will run out of gas. Seemingly, there is no reason you should ever run out of gas – unless you don’t know where a gas station is. However, somehow on our recent OBX trip, we did get down to 1 mile of fuel left before filling up at Sunoco.

picture of Ford Explorer Fuel Level Indicator
Ford Explorer Fuel Level Indicator

So, let me just tell you, the picture above with the 1 mile to go was real. My husband was driving and drove right past several Sunoco gas stations, among others. I don’t know what he was waiting on. Was my husband waiting on a sign from above to get gas? Wasn’t the Ford Explorer’s 1 mile left indicator enough for him? Did he want to take a hike along the turnpike in 100 degree temps? The kids weren’t being that bad! LOL

We were prepared with the Sunoco Station Locator Map, even if my husband was winging it this time around.  This handy tool takes 2 seconds to do but gives you the security in knowing you will never be pulled over on the side of a busy highway, out of gas! You can get an extensive list for all locations near your route or a map. Below is a map of the Sunoco locations on the way to OBX from Akron, Ohio.

picture of Sunoco from Ohio to OBX
Sunoco from Ohio to OBX

As you can see, it’s not a problem finding a Sunoco! Sunoco is especially easy to find on the PA Turnpike as it is at every rest stop! It’s great to know that you can find reliable fuel when traveling in unfamiliar cities.

picture of Sunoco is all along the PA Turnpike
Sunoco is all along the PA Turnpike

The Station Locator Map is just one more convenience Sunoco gives its customers.  Another thing you can count on are yummy snacks like ice cream on a hot day of driving! We hit up quite a few this Summer, including all along our trip to OBX. Ice cream makes any trip better for kids and adults alike! 🙂 Believe me, after the close encounter with almost running out of gas, we were ALL getting ice cream!

picture of Ice cream break at Sunoco
Ice cream break at Sunoco

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Sunoco and Ford who provided gift cards and rental for OBX trip review.

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