Why I Love My Robotic Vacuum From Neato Robotics

Let’s face it – housework is a drag! With a family of four and 2 dogs, it seems that I could always be picking up, cleaning up, or organizing something. Yuck!  Definitely NOT the way I want to spend my time.  Years ago, I decided to take some of the cleaning pressure off myself, and try out a robotic vacuum.  I’ve been sold ever since.  So, when the folks from Neato Robotics were interested in having me try out their XV-21 Pet and Allergy model, I jumped at the opportunity!

Why Consider an Automated Robotic Vacuum?

Neato Robotics XV-21 Robotic Vacuum

I first started looking into robotic vacuums after some friends of mine told me they had one and loved it.  I figured a robotic vacuum would free me up from some of the day-to-day cleaning, and therefore make me a nicer person to be around.  You know how it goes – if momma ain’t happy about housework, ain’t nobody happy!  The bottom line is, a robotic vacuum does the work so you don’t have to.  In fact, you don’t even need to be home will your floors are getting cleaned.  Amazing in my book!

Video Review of Neato Robotics XV-21 Pet and Allergy Robotic Vacuum


My Review of the Neato Robotics XV-21 Pet and Allergy Robotic Vacuum

This was my first experience with a Neato brand robotic vacuum.  I owned a robotic vacuum from another company, and was excited to compare the two on features and performance.

Let’s talk first about some of the Neato Robotics XV-21 Features:

  • Its special filter picks up 3 times the amount of fine particles than the average filter, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • It boasts the strongest suction of any robotic vacuum on the market.
  • It has the largest dirt bin in the robotic vacuum industry.
  • It is simple to use – just hit the start button, and the Neato XV-21 does the rest
  • It is programmable, so you can select certain days/times of the week for the XV-21 to leave its charger, and automatically clean your floors whether you are home or not!
  • The XV-21’s laser beams “map out” the area to be cleaned to develop the most efficient, thorough cleaning pattern.
  • Can be used on all types of floors: carpeting, tile, hardwood, laminate, etc…
  • Its slim design means it can reach places your normal vacuum can’t – like under beds.
  • When the Neato XV-21 runs low on power, it automatically returns to its charger, recharges, and then finishes the job it started – all without help from you!

The first thing I noticed when I turned on the vacuum was how it “powered itself up,” similar to the way a plane revs up before take-off.  Albeit much quieter, but a similar sound all the same.  I wasn’t far off, either, because Neato’s website tells that the XV-21 and all of their vacuums have a “centrifugal compression-impeller that follows jet engine airflow principles to create sustained high-powered suction.”  In simple terms, that means the XV-21 has lots of suction power.

[slickr-flickr tag=neatorobot]

The next thing I noticed as the Neato XV-21 was cleaning my floors was how much faster and more efficiently it runs than my older robotic vacuum from another manufacturer.  The Neato XV-21 completes a pass around the perimeter of the room, and then methodically runs back and forth in a straight pattern until it completes the job.  My other robot vacuum seemed to randomly cover the floor with lots of haphazard passes around the room.  With the Neato XV-21, my carpeted floors have that neat “just vacuumed” look with straight lines across the room.  It might seem like a little feature, but lots of folks like the organized look of a freshly vacuumed room, complete with the vacuum pattern on the carpeting.

The feature that I love most about the Neato XV-21 vacuum is that I don’t have to do the work!

picture of Relax while Neato Robotics XV-21 Robotic Vacuum does the work!
Relax while Neato Robotics XV-21 Robotic Vacuum does the work!

It allows me to work on other projects while it does the vacuuming.  Sometimes, I’ll start the XV-21 before I go upstairs to shower.  By the time I get showered and ready, I come downstairs to a freshly vacuumed kitchen, front hall, and living room.  It makes me smile every time!  Other days, I’ll have the XV-21 start while I am out running errands, being lunch mom at my girls’ schools, or working out at the gym.  The Neato XV-21 gives me the freedom to spend more of my time where I want to be – not tied down to the housework that seems to always be there.

Now if the Neato XV-21  could just get my girls to automatically make their beds and pick up their rooms, I would consider it a miracle worker!

Buy the Neato Robotics XV-21 Pet and Allergen Vacuum

You can purchase the Neato XV-21 directly from their website for $429.99 or at Amazon.com.  Neato Robotics products are also sold at retailers like Target, Petco, Macy’s, Sears, Best Buy, and many more.

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Win the Neato Robotics XV-21 Pet and Allergen Vacuum ($429 Value)

I kid you not!  The great folks at Neato Robotics are providing a FREE XV-21 Pet and Allergen Vacuum $429 Value to one very lucky AkronOhioMoms.com reader!  Try your luck and enter to win this fantastic prize!

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