Win a Del Monte Banana Costume for Halloween!

Banana Costume for Halloween

Are you still deciding on what to be for Halloween this year? Check out the Del Monte Facebook page for your chance to win a Del Monte Banana Costume for Halloween! Del Monte Fresh Produce will be giving away 200 banana costumes for Halloween. Simply like them on Facebook, click the Costume Giveaway tab and enter to win.  You can even choose between 2 different banana costumes for Halloween.  You can start entering today through Thursday, October 18, 2012.

Banana Costume for Halloween

Healthy Trick-or-Treating

While you are going bananas this Halloween, you can turn this notoriously unhealthy holiday into a more healthy trick-or-treating season with these tips. Nobody is saying not to allow your kids to enjoy their treats but these helpful hints can teach your kids how to make healthy choices at the same time. It’s a lesson many of us adults need to take note of as the holidays approach too.

  • Eat a healthy dinner or snack before going trick-or-treating. This will make your child less tempted to over-gorge on candy in their bag as they are trick-or-treating! (The same rule applies before going grocery shopping, eat before you go or you’ll buy more than you need!)
  • Give your child a limit on the treats they can have – after they eat a healthy meal.  Be sure they are eating healthy fresh fruits and vegetables before their candy.
  • Be a good example. Actions speak louder than words. Don’t sneak Halloween candy before meals while telling your kids the opposite rules apply to them.

Don’t forget to head on over to the Del Monte Facebook page for your chance to win a Del Monte Banana Costume for Halloween! Nothing says a healthy trick-or-treating like wearing a banana costume! I’m sure you’ll get a few extra pieces of candy yourself if you parade yourself around with your kids too. ;) I know this from personal experience!

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