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How did you sleep last night? My mood and motivation the next day tells the whole story for me.  If I don’t sleep well at night, I’m grumpy and lack motivation to do anything the next day.

My seasonal allergies are driving me crazy this summer. The nasal congestion at night is the worst. It makes it hard for both myself and my husband to fall asleep.

I’ve heard about nasal strips before but never thought they could help me. I was happy to give Breathe Right® nasal strips a try but didn’t have high hopes. I couldn’t imagine how a strip on my nose could help with nasal congestion that I have had for most of my life.

breathe right nasal strip review
My reaction the moment I put a Breathe Right® nasal strip on was literally, “WOW!”

How could this possibly help me breathe so well? It was like I had a whole new nose or something!

There are many reasons why people lose sleep at night, including nasal congestion and annoying mouth breathing. For me, Breathe Right® nasal strips to be an amazingly simple solution.

Applying Breathe Right® nasal strips is easy (link with instructions available here). First, start with a clean, dry face, with no lotions or cream. Peel the liner off of the back of the nasal strip. Position it on the low middle part of your nose, not too low or too high. Press for 5-10 seconds.

Breathe Right® nasal strips instantly lifts your nasal passages to help you breathe. The nasal strips open my nasal passages from the outside, allowing a wider opening for air to pass through.

It is a drug-free and clinically proven method to help with nasal congestion and mouth breathing. In fact, it opens up your nose 38% more than even a decongestant spray!breathe right nasal strip review

Breathe Right has a campaign called, “Let’s Get Our Nights Right!” right now that’s all about getting better sleep at night so we can be at our best the next day.  I can’t believe how much better I am sleeping now that I use Breathe Right nasal strips at night. I’m finally getting my nights right!

I’m not clearing my throat all night or mouth breathing. Also, the strips are not annoying like I thought they would be. Once I put them on, I forget about them.

My husband has also been wearing the nasal strips too. He use to always wake me up with his mouth breathing and the annoying whistling sound that only he could make!  Now we are both sleeping better.


This simple, yet effective solution is a combination of genius engineering with a quality end product of flexible, spring-like bands that open your nasal passages.

I like that this is a drug-free way to help me and my family breathe better all night long. We are sleeping better too, which results in happier, more productive days.

If you mouth-breathe at night or suffer from nasal congestion, I suggest you check Breathe Right nasal strips out.

Get your free Breathe Right sample and coupons on the Breathe Right website. You can purchase Breathe Right Nasal Strips at retailers nationwide and on

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