The 15 Tunnels and Skywalks of Downtown Akron

Hidden on the Akron Ohio City website, you can find a great map showcasing Skywalks and Tunnels.  While completely publicly accessible, most people don’t know how to access them, or how they can speed access from building to building.  Below is the image, downloadable/printable, and a transcription of their locations.

Locations of Skywalks and Tunnels of Akron Ohio

1 –Maiden Lane Tunnel Walkway -between High Market Parking Deck and Nantucket+Chemstress Buildings.

2- Library Tunnel – between Second Floor Library and High Market Parking Deck 2nd Level

3- Akron Centre-Cascade Plaza Walkway – between Akron Centre Shops and Cascade Plaza

4- Convention Center Skywalk – between Convention Center and Broadway Parking Deck

5- Main Place Tunnel – between Main Place Lower Level and Cascade Parking Deck Level 2 Orange

6- Main Place-Municipal Skywalk – between Main Place, CitiCenter Parking Deck, CitiCenter Building, and Municipal Building

7- Municipal-Ocasek Skywalk – between Main Place-Municipal skywalk, Municipal Building and Ocasek Building

8- Ocasek-Morkey Skywalk – between OCasek Building, Morley Building and Morley Parking Deck

9- Church Street Skywalk – between Municipal Building, Key Building, Ohio Building and Summit County Parking Deck

10- Main-High Skywalk – between Ohio Building, Summit County Parking Deck, 198 Building, Malone Building and Key Bank Building

11- University Avenue Skywalk – between Skywalk, Summit County Parking Deck and University of Akron Polsky Building

12- Court House-Justice Center Skywalk – between Summit County Parking Deck and Summit County Court House/Stubbs Justice Center.

13- UA Polsky Skywalk – between UA Polsky Building and UA West Campus Parking Deck

14- UA Business Skywalk– between UA West Campus Parking Deck and UA College of Business Building

15- UA Buckingham Skywalk– between UA College of Business Building and UA Buckingham Building.

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