Akron’s Economic Evolution: A Detailed Look at its Cost of Living Over the Decades

Cost of living Akron Ohio

Akron, Ohio, historically recognized as the “Rubber Capital of the World,” has long been a beacon for those seeking both industrial opportunity and educational enrichment. With its deep-rooted ties to the rubber industry and a burgeoning academic landscape marked by its universities and museums, Akron’s profile has undergone considerable evolution over the past few decades. A question echoing in the minds of its residents, as well as those considering a move to this city, is whether Akron’s affordability has seen a decline over the past couple of decades. To shed light on this, we delve deep into the data and insights from multiple sources.

A Snapshot of Akron’s Present-day Living Costs

To grasp Akron’s present-day economic landscape, Expatistan serves as a helpful starting point. Dedicated to offering a panoramic view of the cost of living across various global cities, Expatistan’s insights into Akron’s fiscal metrics are revealing. Their data from September 2023 indicates that for a family of four to maintain a standard lifestyle in Akron, they would need to budget for around $4,215 each month. For a single resident, this expense estimation stands at $2,432. However, it’s essential to note that these figures, while informative, are drawn from a somewhat limited dataset and should be seen more as broad guiding markers rather than precise calculations.

Dissecting Akron’s Housing and Dining Expenses

Housing, often the lion’s share of any monthly budget, holds intriguing insights when examined in Akron’s context. The city’s median home cost is a noteworthy $106,100, making it a more feasible option for homeownership, especially when compared to the national median of a staggering $338,100.

However, the rental arena paints a more nuanced picture. For those eyeing a plush 85m2 (around 900 sqft) furnished apartment in Akron’s more upscale neighborhoods, the monthly rent floats around $2,295. Opting for a more middle-of-the-road area brings this figure down to a more manageable $1,347. It’s evident that rental costs in Akron can vary significantly based on locality. And while on the topic of rentals, it’s prudent to remember the importance of having insurance for your rental apartment in Ohio, an additional factor to consider in your monthly outgoings.

Dining in Akron, while not overtly extravagant, does demand consideration. An average meal in a restaurant will set you back by approximately $14. While this seems reasonable, dining out frequently can make this a significant expense over time.

Comparing Akron: Within Ohio and Across the U.S.

To genuinely understand Akron’s cost positioning, it’s crucial to view it in the wider context of both Ohio and the U.S. According to Numbeo, Akron scores a 68.9 on their index, signaling that Akron, while more affordable than the typical U.S. city, leans towards the pricier side when compared to other Ohioan urban centers.

This sentiment finds resonance in data from LivingCost.org, which ascribes a cost of living index of 82 to Akron. This places Akron as being relatively costlier than other Ohio locales yet still more wallet-friendly when benchmarked against many U.S. cities.

Reflecting on Akron’s Affordability Over Time

Although we don’t have exact figures mapping Akron’s historical cost trajectory, the available data strongly suggests an upward trend in living costs over the years. While its real estate market remains enticingly below the national median, other facets, such as certain rental niches and dining, can stretch monthly budgets. However, when viewed holistically, Akron does offer a relatively balanced blend of urban amenities at an accessible cost, especially when set against the broader U.S canvas. Within Ohio, its positioning does lean towards the pricier side, but many may argue that the city’s rich culture and educational infrastructure warrant this slight premium.

In summation, Akron’s past decades might have seen it as a more pocket-friendly destination. Still, even today, it represents a reasonably balanced choice for many individuals, balancing urban benefits with economic practicality. How Akron navigates its economic future remains to be seen, but its present does offer a compelling blend of cost and culture.


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