7 Pictures of Women’s Work Winning World War II that will Make you Proud of Akron

Goodyear and other Tire and Rubber Companies played a crucial part in supplying the Allied Military with Crucial Rubber products for everything from tires and inner tubes to boats and flotation devices.  This is the first in our series of images found within the Library of Congress Archives.


Bulbous Flotation Bag Manufacturer – Goodyear 1941


An Electronics Technician works at Goodyear Aircraft testing the backboats-painting
Assault Boat Production.. Final Touches and Sealants.


I believe this is Goodyear, a woman makes sleeves for parts that will be inflatable rubber boats stored as emergency tools aboard Allied Aircraft.


Goodyear tire manufacturing – a young lady shows off various tires for military aircraft- from main bomber tire inner tubes to tail wheels of various types.

laying-out-boatsAssault Boat Production at Goodyear for the U.S. Marine Corps.  These women lay out partially assembled boats for inflation in order to add fixtures and other finishing touches.


This woman was ironing SOMETHING (anyone know?) for self sealing gas tanks at Goodyear Tire in 1941.

If you’ve been living under a rock these past few years, you might not know that Goodyear moved into their new corporate headquarters (not far from their old buildings) right here in Akron in 2013.



Goodyear recently joined Twitter and is celebrating with a contest! Goodyear told me about it through a PR firm- I’ve received zero compensation and have entered the contest myself!!!

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