Help for Akron Ohio’s Homeless and How You Can Help

When you think of the word “homeless” what comes to your mind? Your first response is probably a visual of a man or woman on a corner holding a cardboard sign.  As we drive by, we only have moments to learn about them and evaluate their circumstance.  Sometimes we judge them and mutter words like “why don’t they just get a job!”  After spending a few moments at ACCESS, you would soon learn that homeless is more than a person on a corner.  It is a mom who is looking for a second chance.  It is a single woman who is trying desperately to overcome an addiction.  It is a woman that has dreams for her children that go beyond living in a homeless shelter.

ACCESS Homeless Shelter has been sheltering woman and children since 1984. We are almost always full with a waiting list.  The phone continually rings as women heroically call seeking  a new “lease” on life.  We sometimes refer to ourselves as the “best kept secret in Akron” but it is our desire that word begins to spread about the work that is taking place at 230 West Market Street.  The shelter was a temporary home for 472 women and children in 2010. Of the 472 clients, 217 were children.  Many of the children were under the age of 5 and included several newborns.  ACCESS goes above and beyond to assure that our children are given every resource to live a “normal” childhood while living in a shelter.  We have helped teens prepare for dances, sports events and school projects.

ACCESS is continually expanding services in hopes of making a difference in the lives of our clients.  We offer clients services such as counseling, case management, life skills training, tutoring, clothing as well as a clean and safe place to live.

We are always looking for individuals and organizations to partner with us in this endeavor.  Our volunteers are essential and play a huge part in our success.  Generous donors and supporters help us to maintain day to day operations as well as special events and programs.  If you are interested in learning more about ACCESS or possibly scheduling a tour, please contact Joy  Trachsel at 330-376-0997 or

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