Jennifer L. Hensal for Mayor of Akron – Guest Post

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Thank you for the opportunity to guest blog and let your readers know a little bit about me, Jennifer L. Hensal and what I hope to accomplish as Mayor of Akron.

I am a resident of West Akron.  I’ve been an attorney since 1993.  My law firm, Lesiak Hensal & Hathcock, LLC has an office in Medina Township.  I’ve been representing cities and villages for over 15 years.  Also, I have had the opportunity to represent families in probate, domestic and juvenile court matters.  I’ve served as a guardian and guardian ad litem for children and adults whom the courts have declared are unable to make their own decisions due to their disabilities or condition.  As such, I have been able to investigate and report to the court on what is in the child’s or ward’s best interest.  I’ve also served as attorney for numerous parents and children by court appointment.

In my personal life, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to help raise a step child to a successful adult, and I am currently blessed with the responsibilities of helping to raise my fiancé’s two wonderful kids.

I believe strongly in the value of education for Akron’s children.  Although the Mayor does not get to directly preside over the schools, a Mayor can make a big difference by providing safe neighborhoods for families and an environment that brings benefits to our schools.  Currently, Akron is facing serious budgetary issues which have impacted law enforcement’s ability to combat rising violent crime.  I fear that these concerns with the budget will continue into the foreseeable future and feel that we need to first address the safety problems.  This includes the problem with drug and gang activity.  We do have, in many instances, strong neighborhood organizations.  We need to further utilize their strengths and the strengths of our community leaders, while maintaining necessary and much needed law enforcement.

In the past, the City has been able to offer assistance to cultural and educational projects outside the school setting for the residents of Akron and surrounding communities.  This aspect of service to the public is in jeopardy.  The arts, cultural, and science programs in our City are crucial to our quality of life and growth.  We are very fortunate to have so many of these opportunities available, and to have such a wide variety of organizations right here in Akron.  I have worked in the arts for many years and currently serve on the board of Csardas Dance Company, which is a youth ensemble.  It is a fact that these organizations cannot exist without some financial assistance, or at the very least, the ability to forego the ordinary expenses of operations by receiving ‘in kind’ assistance.  Unfortunately, given the finances, we need to find creative ways to assist non-profits in the future which don’t involve spending funds above and beyond the abilities of the taxpayers.

I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions directly that you or your readers may have.  I can be contacted through my website at

Thanks again for this opportunity.

Jennifer L. Hensal

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